Animal Crossing Is Seemingly Getting a Lego Set Next Year

Lego is well-known for its diverse range of sets using both original property and other media and in recent years has seen success making sets based on different video games. One of the most prominent is the Mario line, which includes a ton of different sets for collectors to purchase and build. If recent leaks are to be believed, it looks like Lego is going back to the Nintendo well for a new line very soon. While not officially confirmed by Lego or Nintendo, it seems like Animal Crossing will be the next property to get the Lego treatment sometime next year.

The leak was first spotted by VGC who noted that Lego leaker exabrickslegogo_ and YouTuber BrickClicker have both come forward to corroborate claims that the five latest sets to pop up on Brickmerge are Animal Crossing sets. Because Brickmerge simply collects the set numbers and not the actual names of the sets, we can’t know for sure what they are, but the two leakers both say they’re all related to Animal Crossing.

The five currently known sets are priced between $14.99 and $74.99 and will supposedly be released in March 2024. Other than that, the only detail the leakers seem to know is that the minifigs included will have molded heads similar to what collectors have seen in sets like Lego Sonic and Simpsons. Outside of that, it’s impossible to know exactly what the sets will look like, but you can probably do some guessing. For example, it would make sense to have a set related to Tom Nook and a Villager house. It would also be surprising if Isabelle isn’t involved in some way, though again, no one really knows at this stage exactly what’s coming.

All of that said, if this set is indeed real, it’s probably going to sell gangbusters. After all, Animal Crossing did incredible numbers for Nintendo with its last release and Lego is always a hot property. It might not surpass Mario in pure sales, but it will certainly be one of the most-hyped sets released next year if it’s real.