Call of Duty Player Goes Viral After Nailing Unbelievable Stunt

A Call of Duty player has gone viral after a pretty impressive stunt. Call of Duty is a game that really rewards skill and that may not come as a surprise to anyone with even the most fleeting knowledge of the game. This is a franchise founded on 360 no-scope trickshot montages on YouTube, dropping nukes after going on extensive killstreaks, and much more. It’s a series that’s pretty formulaic, but allows players to get pretty crafty with how they accomplish their objectives and has spawned countless clips of some really incredible moments in both regular multiplayer and Warzone.

The latest example is from a player who goes by the name of GhostofCaldera on Twitter. The player rode a dirt bike off a cliff, Tom Cruise-style, and then ejected from it and pulled their parachute. That in of itself isn’t anything too impressive in Call of Duty, but the dirt bike bounced back up into the sky and allowed them to mount the bike once again in mid air and land it. It’s a pretty impressive trick and one of those things that is incredibly difficult to replicate. It’s unclear if this was planned and something they had done over and over again or if it was just a really lucky moment caught on camera. Either way, it’s certainly one of the coolest things I’ve seen in Call of Duty in recent memory and goes to show what’s possible, even if it’s a freak accident.

Later this month, the next Call of Duty, heavily expected to be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, will be revealed in Call of Duty: Warzone 2. We have no idea exactly what the reveal will look like, but previous events have had players defending a train, racing to collect objects before a nuclear bomb drops, and much more. We can likely expect something pretty significant once again for this event, but it’s unclear what it may be.

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