Yellowstone Season 2 Episode 9 Recap With Spoilers: “Enemies By Monday”

Last episode of Yellowstone, the tensions between the Duttons and the Becks got even worse with the latter deciding that their next move would be to go after whoever John Dutton loves the most as their next target in order to get the rancher to do their bidding. This episode, they make good on that threat while Monica finds herself dealing with racism — as well as finds herself with a somewhat surprising ally. Here’s what happened in “Enemies by Monday.”

Fair warning: Spoilers for Yellowstone beyond this point. Read only if you want to know.

What Happened in “Enemies by Monday”?

The episode starts with Kayce and Dan Jenkins’ bodyguard breaking into an airplane hangar and putting a bomb into the fuel tank of the Beck brothers’ plane. The next day, as they’re starting to winterize the ranch, Kayce tells John the plan is in motion and there is no backing out now. Tate and Monica head off to school. Elsewhere, deputies are investigating a death and it’s Jimmie’s grandfather, who seemingly died from injuries sustained when Jimmie’s ex-friends from his drug days came to collect on Jimmy’s debt. A deputy goes to the ranch to tell Jimmy the news and Jimmy won’t answer questions about if he knew who might have beat up his grandfather. When the deputy leaves, though, Jimmy is upset, telling Jamie that he had paid his debt.

Kaye, Rip, John, and others show up and find Jimmy taking his anger out on a tree and they eventually get Jimmy to explain what happened. Jimmy also tells them he wants to kill the people responsible. Rip tells him he can’t do that because he’ll end up back in jail and he has a better idea. When Jimmy leaves, Rip tells Kayce they need to deal with the Jimmy situation that night.

Christina calls Jamie to meet and tells him she’s figured out that he killed the reporter, Sarah. Jamie doesn’t deny it but tries to reassure her that she’s safe. She tells Jamie he needs to try harder to be a good man and then tells him that she’s pregnant — Jamie is going to be a dad. Christina tells him he needs to either serve his father’s family or his own. Meanwhile in town, Monica goes shopping in a nigh end boutique but the sales clerk is racist and treats her terribly, even has her blocked in the shop by security and accuses her of theft and calls the police. Monica makes a call — to Beth. At the shop, the police don’t find anything and the clerk lies and says she saw Monica put something in her clothes and when the police ask for camera footage, the clerk says the cameras don’t work. Monica is then given the option to be searched or taken in. While Monica complies, the clerk takes a ring out of the display and hides it with her shoe and after the police say they didn’t find anything, the clerk claims Monica stole the ring so the search gets upgraded to a strip search.

However, as this is going on, Beth shows up and the clerk knows her, telling Beth they’re closed at the moment but Beth is looking for Monica. Beth tells the clerk she’s looking for her sister-in-law and finds Monica in the dressing room and calls the cops out for unlawful search and seizure. She tells Monica to get dressed and the cops leave when they realize they’re in trouble. Monica goes to leave, but Beth stops her, and locks the door and decides to deal with the clerks. She smashes some cases and calls out the clerk and then forces the clerk, Veronica to strip so she can be as humiliated as Monica was, but Monica gets her to stop and Veronica admits she was just being racist.

The two women go to a bar and talk after, with Beth warning Monica that Kayce could turn out to be just like their father and asks Monica to make sure that doesn’t happen. She tells Monica that she’s too good for the family and that, next time she leaves, take Kayce with her because he’s too good for the family, too. That night, Rip prepares to head out with Lloyd and Jimmy to handle things and Ryan says he wants in so they all go along. Cowboy, however, packs his stuff to leave the ranch entirely. John and Tate have dinner together and then Tate goes to feed his horse outside alone but notices something in the dark that gets his attention.

The group gets to the drug dealer’s place but the guy is passed out so he doesn’t hear anything when a hole is drilled and a hose inserted. Jimmy goes in to get his belt buckle and then stomps on the man so he’s not asleep when things go down. Jimmy manages to escape just before the house explodes. Back at the ranch, Tate doesn’t return to the house and John finds Lucky outside his ring. After putting the horse away, John goes to Monica’s to see if Tate is there, but he’s not. When Kayce returns, they all go looking and realize something’s very, very wrong and, in the morning, John finds tire tracks that definitely don’t belong in the field. Kayce follows them and finds Tate’s boot.