Yellowstone Reveals How Beth’s Arrest Gets Resolved

The third episode of Yellowstone‘s fifth season ended with a bit of a shocker, as the final scene featured Beth Dutton riding down the road in the backseat of a police car. Beth broke a beer bottle over the head of a woman who tried to make a move on her husband, Rip, inciting a massive bar fight and causing the woman to press charges. The entire incident spelled trouble for both Beth and John, due to the potential political blowback, and Sunday’s new episode revealed just how the entire situation was resolved.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Yellowstone! Continue reading at your own risk…

The Duttons have a lawyer in the family, and it’s that lawyer that is ultimately helps Beth get out of her legal bind, regardless of how much she may hate him. Jamie shows up at the jail where Beth is being held and she tells him to stop the woman from pressing charges. By using some legal loopholes he is able to do just that.

Jamie explains to the woman that there is no such thing as self defense in a bar fight, and that she instigated the situation by approaching Beth in the first place. If she pressed charges on Beth, the state would press charges on her, keeping her in the state in the meantime and blocking her from returning to California.

Beth doesn’t get out without being punished for her part in the incident, but she’s able to avoid any major trouble or lawsuit. Jamie informs Beth that she is being charged with disorderly conduct by the state, because there has to be some kind of punishment for breaking a beer bottle over another person’s head. The disorderly conduct charge means she will end up having to serve community service at some point, likely picking up trash on the side of the highway. At least, that’s what Beth believes her punishment will entail.


For now, it appears as though Beth’s issues stemming from the bar fight are over, but that doesn’t mean they can’t come back with a vengeance at some point later in the series.

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