Yellowstone Recap With Spoilers: “Watch ‘Em Ride Away”

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Yellowstone “Watch ‘Em Ride Away” opens with a flashback as a young Rip and the others prepare to head off on a cattle drive. He asks young Beth for a kiss, but she rebuffs him and tells the others to be careful before watching everyone ride away. In the present, Beth is haunted by the past, though Rip tells her that he doesn’t think about the past, just now and the future.

The ranch is preparing for another cattle drive and branding while a fire burns in the distance. John is coming on the ride with them. He asks his assistant to cancel his meetings but ends up setting things up as an event for the media/political reasons and she gets him to agree to invite people so he can clear two weeks of meetings in one afternoon. Outside, Beth confronts John about Summer and tells him that despite him thinking she will be help with dealing with activist groups, he’s really only invited his worst enemy into the home.

At their home Kayce and Monica share an emotional moment as Kayce struggles with his own feelings and everything that’s been going on. Monica tells him that his father has invited all of them to the branding and they decide to go to the Yellowstone to participate. She also tells him not to quit his job as nothing can come between them. Elsewhere, Beth asks Rp to outfit her so she can go on the ride with everyone else. John invites Summer to come along as well, but she refuses.

At Jamie’s office, Sarah Atwood shows up for an unexpected appointment and reminds him that because they hooked up, he can’t litigate the state’s case. He counters that the state hires out for that anyway and she undresses.

At the house, it’s time for a family dinner. Beth, Rip, and Carter sit separately from the rest of the family, but John makes them join the main table. There are major tensions between Beth and Summer, especially after the meal is served and it’s all game. Summer criticizes every single item leading Beth to ask her to “take a walk” which results in the two women getting into an all-out brawl. Rip goes out to deal with it and tells the two women to go punch for punch and that he’s not going to break things up, they have to finish it for themselves. It ends with Beth beating the crap out of Summer, but there seeming to be something of a truce between the two as Beth asserts her dominance. Later, John tells Rip that Beth is the child he envies.

The next morning, everyone is getting ready to head out on the ride. After an awkward silent breakfast, Summer follows the Duttons outside to watch as everyone heads off. Beth tells Summer that while everyone is gone, she should walk around the property and see just how well cared for and loved the land and forest really is to give her some perspective. Monica cries watching everyone ride away and she tells Summer

that “if it doesn’t make you cry to watch your family ride away, you probably shouldn’t have one.”


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