Yellowstone Recap With Spoilers: “Horses in Heaven”

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Yellowstone “Horses in Heaven” begins with Beth waking up in jail, where she was sent the night before for her part in a bar fight. Jamie arrives as her lawyer and she tells him to do whatever it takes to get the California woman that she attacked not to press charges. The tension between them hasn’t changed in the slightest, especially with them working hand-in-hand.

John is informed of a policy advisors meeting, where he’s told about various policies he should consider turning into actionable items. He disagrees with the policies, but not as much as the way they are presented to him. John ends up firing all of his various advisors, saving the state $6 million per year. Fish and Wildlife officials wait in John’s office to talk with him about the missing wolves they’ve been tracking on his property. They say the environmental conservation groups will likely come after him. After they leave, he gets a call from Jamie about Beth’s situation, and he follows that conversation with a call to Lynelle to set up lunch.

In order to get Beth off the hook, Jamie tells the woman that the state would likely press charges against her as well, even though she was the one struck with the beer bottle. There is no single aggressor in a bar fight and the woman did approach Beth first, so they would both be at fault. He says Beth will get slapped with disorderly conduct either way. The woman opts not to press charges after all and heads back home to California. Back at the ranch, Mo and some others are preparing for the funeral of Kayce and Monica’s son by digging a grave. Rip brings the ranch hands and they pitch in, also digging a grave for John’s horse, who will be buried beside his grandson.

Perry and John talk about the different issues facing him at the moment. When it comes to the wolves, she suggests he hires an Environmental Advisor, someone who thinks differently than he does. Jamie informs Beth that she’s free but will have a disorderly conduct charge, one that will just require community service. On the road, Beth discovers Jamie has a son and she loses it. After what he took from her, how could he become a parent? She attacks him and he pulls the car over. Beth tells Jamie she’s going to find a way to take his son from him if it’s the last thing she does.

The Native people have a funeral for Kayce and Monica’s son on the ranch, burying the horse alongside him. Beth and John watch from afar, not wanting to interrupt but wanting to show their support. He calls her out for her arrest and tells her to find some impulse control. After the funeral, Rainwater tells John he wants to talk, and John comforts Monica because he knows what it’s like to lose a child.


John uses his power as governor to get Summer Higgins out of prison, appointing her as his environmental advisor. Of course she and Beth run into one another at the house, continuing their trouble from Season 4. Beth also follows Jamie on his date with Sarah Atwood. While they hook up in a bathroom, she takes a look at Sarah’s ID to get more information about her.