Yellowstone Gives Beth One of Her Most Violent Moments Yet

Last week on Yellowstone, John Dutton (Kevin Costner) got Summer (Piper Perabo) out of prison, commuting her sentence to house arrest at the Yellowstone so that she could help him understand the activist groups and opposition he and the ranch faces. As fans of the series might guess, that’s a move that didn’t sit especially well with Beth (Kelly Reilly) and in this week’s episode, “Watch ‘Em Ride Away”, tensions between Beth and Summer hit and all time high — but with an explosive outcome that may see a surprising new path forward for the two women.

WARNING: This article contains major spoilers for the latest episode of Yellowstone! Continue reading at your own risk…

Early in the episode, Beth tells her father that she feels like Summer being at the Yellowstone is a mistake and that while he thinks that Summer is helping him understand the “enemy” as it were, she’s the real enemy and will be a major problem in the end. To that end, Beth continues being snarky about Summer’s presence, including during the family dinner the night before the big cattle drive and branding.

At that dinner, Summer is insulting and rude about the food that is prepared, specifically the game served as the main dish. Each item that is presented, she has commentary about the animal so much so that Beth finally tells her that they need to take a walk so that Summer can understand their culture and values. As it turns out, by “walk” means to have a fight and soon enough, the two women are brawling it out in the front lawn with Beth landing more than a few major punches on the other woman.

Rip comes out and tells the two women to fight it out properly, punch for punch and that he’s not going to step in, but he will see that they handle it. He also tells Summer that her behavior isn’t exactly great and that she might need to at least be open to how other people live their lives. The two women throw a few more punches back and forth before Summer can take no more and Beth helps her up. She’s asserted her dominance and declares that she’s no longer going to be snarky or rude to Summer, but that Summer needs to have an open mind.

Almost immediately, there seems to be a different dynamic between the two. Beth isn’t insulting Summer anymore and Summer does seem to be a bit more open to at least understanding the Duttons. She eats mashed potatoes that might not align with her vegan lifestyle and the next morning, she asks Beth what she should do while everyone is away. Beth tells her to explore the property and see for herself how well loved and well-cared for the land is and determine for herself who the real enemy is. Beth seems to be open to this as she watches everyone ride away.

At this point, it’s unclear how this dynamic change will impact things, both for the Duttons and for Summer. It’s also unclear if this truce will last at all (after all, this is Yellowstone), but at least for the moment it seems like a major shift for at least these two characters and it could end up having very important ramifications for the Yellowstone going forward.


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