Xbox Working to Resolve Broken Feature

Xbox players are currently having issues with uploading and deleting captures in their library. The company is aware of this issue, and Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie has acknowledged that an investigation into these issues is currently underway. It’s unclear how many players are currently having difficulties, or how long it might take for a resolution to be found, but hopefully fans will have more answers in the near future. Thankfully, it seems that these issues are merely delays, and the features are still working; it’s just taking longer than it should be.

“On the bright side, these are delays rather than failures… Things should catch up to your deletes/uploads eventually,” Marie replied to a user on Twitter.

For users and content creators that like to share their accomplishments on YouTube and social media, it’s easy to see how this might be frustrating! Captures have become a big part of the gaming experience over the last few years, and have helped players feel a greater sense of community. They can also be a great asset to developers and publishers, as they can help convince gamers to try something they might not have otherwise. It’s easy to see why getting this feature back working would be a priority for Xbox, so hopefully players won’t be kept waiting too long for a resolution!

Thankfully, it seems that most fans have been pretty understanding about the issue. Replies to Marie’s Tweets have been filled with players sharing their hope to see a resolution, but also thanking Xbox for being upfront with users and working to get things fixed. The reality is that these types of issues aren’t uncommon, and it’s in Xbox’s best interest to make sure that things get resolved quickly for users. Sadly, not every gamer is understanding when these types of issues crop up, and sometimes people forget that these are real people working for these companies!

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