Xbox Game Pass Is Losing Some Classic Xbox 360 Games Very Soon

Xbox Game Pass is losing some classic Xbox 360 games soon. More specifically, seven different games are leaving the subscription service on November 30, including a few different EA games, all of which also happen to be the Xbox 360 games departing. Once these games leave on November 30, they are gone, with no guarantee of coming back. In fact, it’s common for games to leave and never return, at least so far. Xbox Game Pass is still fairly new in the grand scheme of things so this may just be the result of a lack of passed time. Whatever the case, as long as the games are still available via the subscription service, subscribers can purchase said games with a 20 percent discount if they want to continue to play them after November 30.

The seven games are as follows: Anvil, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Disc Room, Eastward, and Grid. If you’re a racing fan then Grid is a notable departure, and both Eastward and Disc Room attracted fans at the time of their releases, but it’s the three Battlefield games leaving, three Xbox 360 games, that are seemingly most notable.

While Battlefield 1943 wasn’t particularly very popular, and is never really brought up in the present, both Bad Company games were hugely popular during their era and are talked about to this very day. In fact, there’s a sizeable portion of Battlefield fans who have been calling for a new installment for several years now.

The only positive here is all three of these games were only available via EA Play, which means they were only available via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. In other words, if you were a standard Xbox Game Pass subscriber you’re not losing access to these Xbox games because you never had access to them in the first place.

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