WWE’s Tiffany Stratton Is Fallon Henley’s Ranch Hand After Loss at NXT New Year’s Evil

A major rivalry would come to a fork in the road at WWE NXT New Year’s Evil, and that rivalry is between Tiffany Stratton and Fallon Henley. The two NXT Superstars have been going back and forth for a while, and they absolutely detest each other. That led to tonight’s match at New Year’s Evil, where if Henley lost, she would become Stratton’s servant, and if Stratton lost, she would become Fallon’s ranch hand. Henley was on a mission from the very beginning, and though Stratton would come back and put Henley on her heels, it was Henley who would come out victorious. Now with the win, Stratton will have to be Henley’s ranch hand, and it’s not going to be fun for the former NXT Women’s Champion.

Henley told the referee to ring the bell and went right at Stratton, delivering multiple punches and knocking Stratton off balance. Then Henley hit a shoulder tackle and knocked Stratton out to the floor, and though Stratton countered several moves, Henley was able to avoid them and connect with painful strikes and kicks at every turn. Henley went for the early cover, but Stratton kicked out.

Stratton missed on double stomps and then got knocked hard to the mat before Henley hit a dropkick. Stratton finally brought a stop to the onslaught by slamming Henley’s face into the ring post and looked to take advantage of the opportunity.

Stratton took control at this point, but Henley was able to even things up after the two collided with twin clothesline attempts. Henley was back in the driver’s seat for a bit, knocking Stratton down and then pinning her in the corner before throwing Stratton into the barricade. Henley went up top and hit a crossbody into a cover, but Stratton kicked out.

Stratton tried to slam Henley but Henley reversed it and slammed Stratton down with a crucifix powerbomb instead and went for a pin, but Stratton kicked out. Henley dodged another move but then got caught with a spine buster into a pin, but she was able to kick out. Stratton lifted Henley and then went up top for a moonsault, but Henley dodged it. Then Henley got caught in the ropes but was able to take Stratton with her, and both came crashing to the floor.

Henley held onto the ropes to prevent a table slam, though Stratton slammed Henley’s face into the ring apron. Stratton then grabbed a chair but got kicked by Henley. The referee grabbed the chair and Henley came flying in with a kick to the head, and Henley got the pin and the win. That means Stratton will have to be Henley’s ranch hand, and Henley already put her to work before they even made it backstage.

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