WWE’s Rey Mysterio Finally Punches Dominik on SmackDown, WrestleMania Match Locked-In

If you’ve been keeping up with SmackDown over the past few weeks, you know that Rey Mysterio is having a rough time of it as of late. It’s kind of surprising being that he’s being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at WrestleMania 39, but over the past few months, Rey’s relationship with his son Dominik Mysterio has deteriorated, to the point where Dominik has been goading Rey to fight him at WrestleMania. Tonight Dominik was once again turned down, but then he did something that Rey just could not allow, and that not only earned Dominik getting punched but also a match at the biggest show of the year.

Rey took on LA Knight in the ring tonight, a match that happened because of a backstage altercation between Rey and Knight last week. The match was going swell off Rey but then Dominik came out and stood at ringside, just watching and waiting for an opportunity to cause chaos for his dad.

That opportunity came later in the match, as while the referee wasn’t looking Dominik pulled Rey’s leg from outside the ropes and kept him from pouncing on Knight for the cover. That allowed Knight the opportunity to hit Rey and get the pin and the win, and Dominik was loving it. He tried to get Rey to fight him but Rey started walking away.

Unfortunately, Rey’s wife and daughter were in the crowd at ringside, and Dominik started taunting both of them, telling his mom that she was married to a deadbeat dad. His sister got in his face and then his mom took the microphone away from him, but Dominik took it back and told her to shut up. He then started yelling at his sister and that’s when Rey started heading that way.

Rey then came running in and punched Dominik, knocking him to the ground. Dominik started to crawl away and Rey followed him, picking up the microphone. Rey told Dominik “You pushed me to do this. You made me hit you. You don’t disrespect your mother like that. That’s my wife.”

Dominik was clearly not prepared for Rey finally breaking, and then Rey accepted his challenge and made it official, saying “You wanted a fight at WrestleMania? You’re on! I’ll see you at WrestleMania son.” The family looked happy and Rey looked angry, and Dominik was still trying to process it all as things move to a new segment.

Now the match is official, and this is set to be the climax for a story that has been building for quite some time. It took a long while for Dominik to turn on his father, and then it took a long while for Rey to finally accept his son’s challenge. Now it’s all going down at WrestleMania, and it should be the match to bring this feud to its end.

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