WWE’s LA Knight Just Ignited a Bray Wyatt Feud on SmackDown

Those who watched last week’s WWE SmackDown will remember that Bray Wyatt ended up meeting LA Knight in a backstage segment, and though it started out cordial (at least on Wyatt’s side), Knight would end up telling Wyatt where to stick his friendship and ended up getting a headbutt from Wyatt as a result. Tonight Wyatt apologized for giving into his darker side, and it looked like Knight was going to accept the apology, but that was just a ruse. Knight would end up slapping Wyatt and saying they were even, which Wyatt accepted, but then when he offered his hand in respect Knight got in another shot, setting fire to any potential friendship and igniting a feud with Wyatt in the process.

Wyatt came to the ring to talk to the crowd first. My name is Bray Wyatt, and lately, I’ve started to realize that I’ve been conditioned my entire life to be a certain way, and when you’re conditioned for so long you start to feel like changing is impossible,” Wyatt said. “I was conditioned to be strong. To take. That fear is respect. Lately, I’ve started to look at the path I left behind me, and when I look at it, it is covered in ashes and blood, and I start to think why do I do the things that I do?”

“And can I actually change. You know, if I was LA Knight, I know exactly how I would handle this situation, and that makes me sad man,” Wyatt said. “But, I wanted to come out there to do this, and I feel real strongly about it. I wanted to apologize to LA Knight, for what I did to him. I had a moment of weakness, and I strayed from my path.”

LA Knight came out and said “for seven days I’ve run it over and over again. The cheap shot heard around the world. Your head connecting with my chin, and each time it makes me hotter than the last, but now you’re apologizing. To be honest it has me a little conflicted, because you talked about fear and respect, and I’m looking in your eyes right now and I don’t know what it is but when I look in your eyes, the last week, the fact that I didn’t fear you, maybe garnered me some respect. Because when I think about it, the rarest commodity around here is respect. It’s more valuable than the dollar. It’s what I’ve always wanted. No one’s ever gotten me. Now I’m not sure what to make of your apology but, I do think you respect me. And so for that, I just wanted to…” Then he slapped Wyatt and said “now we’re even and apology accepted. I can go my way, you can go yours.

Wyatt was clearly trying to calm himself, and eventually, Wyatt said “Alright. We’re even, right. Even. Look man, there’s a lot I want to do to you but I’m not, okay. But listen, the decision you’re about to make right now is going to change the rest of your life, understand me. We’re even…” And then he extended his hand to Knight.

Knight hesitated and then slapped him again, and this time Wyatt was close to losing it. Knight taunted him and said “how does it taste, it tastes pretty good, and then headed backstage.

It would appear this is the beginning of a full-on feud, and I couldn’t be happier. Later on Knight would head out of the building, and when he turned around for an interview you could see a masked person in the background waiting for him in the darkness.


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