WWE’s Kiana James Becomes Number One Contender for Tiffany Stratton’s NXT Women’s Title

The main event of tonight’s WWE NXT was a battle for the right to face Tiffany Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship, and four of NXT’s best and brightest would be throwing down to win that shot. Roxanne Perez, Gigi Dolin, Kiana James, and Blair Davenport were all looking to earn that shot, and all four women delivered throughout the match. At one point it appeared Perez had the match won, but then Davenport rolled out of the ring before she could pin her. Then out of nowhere, James came running in and she knocked down both Perez and Dolin, and she would pin Dolin to win the match and become the new number one contender. James will face Stratton for the NXT Women’s Championship next week.

At the start of the match, Perez and Davenport battled in the ring while Dolin and James battled outside of it, but eventually, all four women made it into the ring and broke up several cover attempts in the process. Dolin and Perez both went for pins at one point but both opponents kicked out, and then Perez and Dolin matched up while James and Davenport fought on the floor outside of the ring.

Dolin slammed Perez onto the ring apron and then slammed James into the barricade. Davenport hit double stomps on Dolin’s back off the stairs but then James collided with Davenport, only to get knocked to the floor by a soaring Perez. Perez put James back in the ring to pin her but James rolled right back out of the ring to keep that from happening.

Perez and Davenport battled but James then teamed up with Davenport a bit to keep Perez down. Dolin knocked James out and then went to war with Davenport, and the two stars clotheslined each other at the same time. Perez and James fought in the corner and James was doing a number on Perez, but Perez still kicked out of the cover attempt by James.

James kicked away Dolin and then went back to trying to wear down Perez, but Dolin then locked James in a submission at the same time. Davenport then did the same to Dolin, and Perez was able to break out of it and tried to lock in a submission on everyone else, but Davenport broke it up. Perez dodged a charge from Davenport but Davenport caught her with a kick to the head. James and Davenport then teamed up on Perez, but Dolin got there and slammed them all down to the mat.

Dolin knocked down Davenport and James, but she really did a number on Davenport, following it up with a pin. Davenport kicked out of the attempt, but Dolin stayed on her. Davenport did counter the next attack though, but then got knocked out by James. James threw Dolin into the post and then faced off with Davenport, and they both caught Perez. Perez countered and then sent James flying. Uppercuts from Perez followed and then Perez hit a crossbody on Davenport.

Davenport countered the next move and then went after James, but Dolin rocked her with a clothesline. Perez hit a neckbreaker on Dolin and went for the cover, but James broke it up. Perez went for Pop Rocks but got dropkicked by Davenport. Davenport threw James into the post and then went for the cover on Perez, but Dolin broke it up. Dolin slammed Davenport down into a cover but Perez broke it up.

Perez threw Dolin out and then knocked her to the floor. Perez went for Pop Rocks again on Dolin, but Davenport kicked her and she hit Dolin but fell to the floor. Davenport got Perez into the ring but Perez fought back. Perez finally hit Pop Rocks on Davenport but Davenport rolled out of the ring. Dolin hit the Gigi Driver but Perez held on to the rope. James then hit a slam out of nowhere on Perez and then hit one on Dolin and went for the pin, and she got it, becoming the new number one contender.

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