WWE’s Jey Uso Makes His Choice, Causing the Collapse of The Bloodline on SmackDown

After last week’s chaos on WWE SmackDown, it was finally time for Jey Uso to give an answer to Roman Reigns about being with the Bloodline. Reigns, Paul Heyman, and Solo Sikoa waited in the ring for Jey, and he arrived looking more anxious than ever. Reigns gave his best pitch, telling Jey that he was destined to be the Tribal Chief, just not yet. His pitch was interrupted by Jimmy Uso, who tried to sway Jey, but then Reigns and Heyman revealed Jimmy was initially against Jey being the right-hand man. Jey went off on Jimmy, venting how he had picked up the ball after Jimmy’s injury and become a main event star, but then in a shocking swerve, he chose Jimmy, hitting Reigns with a superkick that led to even more chaos. Another superkick sealed the deal, and Jey has officially left the Bloodline.

Uso chants started and Reigns looked amused. Jey was anxious, and Reigns said “I know what they want. They want answers Jey. So what’s it going to be? Are you in or are you out?” Jey responded”You tell me Uce? Hey, it’s either going to be him or it’s me.” Jey had pointed to Heyman, but Reigns took it in stride.

Reigns said “Alright listen. When you’re Tribal Chief, you can pick anyone you want to be to be your wise man. This is my wise man. He’s not The Bloodline’s wise man. He’s not Jey’s wise man. He’s here to help me, as I lead. That’s what you don’t understand. I was only meant to get us to the promised land. You’re meant to keep us here. You’re meant to keep us at the top of the mountain. Wise man said we’ll start grooming you but no no, we’ve been grooming you for 3 years now.”

“Why do you think you’re the right-hand man? Why do you think we put you in the position to be the main man Jey Uso? Because you’re meant to lead. Just not yet,” Reigns said. “So the problem isn’t the wise man, and I told you this before, the problem is your brother. I know, I’ve been with you my whole lives. You’re inseparable, but you’ve got to understand.” At that point, Jimmy came out and interrupted Reigns.

“The problem is not your brother Jey, the problem is our cousin,” Jimmy said. “Yeah let’s get right to it Uce. You say you’re a leader and he’s grooming you, but in reality, he’s using you. You actually believe this garbage that is coming out of his mouth? Look at me Uce. You believe this? Over me?”

After more Uso chants broke out, Reigns said, “Listen to em. They weren’t doing this 10 years ago. Hell, it took 10 years just to get you into WrestleMania. And since you’ve been with me, you’ve main evented every single one. He’s an anchor, I’m the wings. I lift you up and he weighs you down. You’re the successor. You’re the next Tribal Chief. You can’t be a Tribal Chief and a twin at the same time. So go on, let him plead to you. Let him beg, give you that brother love. But the reality is, wise man, when we named Jey the right-hand man, who was the only one who had a problem with it?”

Heyman initially was hesitant to say but signaled it was Jimmy. Reigns said “It wasn’t the wise man, it was his suggestion.” Heyman apologized and then Jey realized it was Jimmy. Jey was clearly upset, and Jimmy looked dejected, with Jey asking him, “Is that true? Look at me, is it true?”

Jimmy said, “It’s true man.” Jey was livid. “Wait a minute. So this whole damn time you’ve been doubting me? No, I expect that from him, but not you. Hey, let me guess, ’cause you know what’s best for both of us right? Big brother right? That’s your older brother Joshua. That’s all I heard growing up. Hey, you know what, me and you be competing against him when in all reality, I’ve been trying to keep up with your ass,” Jey said.

“Mr. Prom King right here. Mr. Player of the year. Mr. Most likely to succeed huh? Hey, guess what, a blessing happened in disguise. You got hurt, and I stepped up,” Jey said. “I main evented SmackDown. I main vented pay-per-views. I’m main event Jey Uso, and it’s all because of him (pointing to Reigns). So guess what, you out…and I’m out too.”

Jey hit Reigns with a superkick and knocked him down to the mat, and Sikoa and Heyman were stunned. The crowd lost it and then when Sikoa went after Jey Jimmy superkicked him. Heyman slid out of the ring with the Titles, and Reigns was incensed. He yelled at Jey that no one leaves him, and then Jimmy and Jey hit double superkicks on him, knocking Reigns to the mat. The Bloodline has now fractured yet again, but this latest shift could spell the end of what has been WWE’s most powerful faction.

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