WWE’s Cora Jade Makes Surprise Return at NXT Deadline

There was a lot of attention on WWE NXT Deadline due to the possibility of several appearances and surprises, and fans got one of those at the very top of the show in the reunion of Shawn Michaels and CM Punk. Then it was time for the first of two Iron Survivor Challenge matches, beginning with the Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge, and it was thrilling to the very last second. It would ultimately be Blair Davenport taking the win in the match, and Lyra Valkyria would come out to meet her, but then both were shocked to see the return of none other than Cora Jade, and she quickly made a statement regarding her place in the Championship picture.

Lash Legend would attempt to chase Davenport down after her third pinfall, but she was unsuccessful, and Davenport would take the victory and the shot at the NXT Women’s Championship at New Year’s Evil. Valkyria would come out and greet the new challenger, but then Valkyria was attacked by a returning Cora Jade.

Jade ambushed Valkyria and knocked her down to the floor. Then Jade walked over and picked up Valkyria’s NXT Women’s Championship, holding it in the air and making a statement that she was coming after NXT’s top prize. Jade has been away from NXT TV for the past four months, and as one of NXT’s most popular stars, so fans were excited to have her back in the mix.

Jade would have a backstage interview segment later in the night, revealing that the locker room wasn’t so excited to see her. She said she gave them four months, and that she wasn’t upset about it, but she also noted she made her intentions pretty clear. After picking up the NXT Women’s Championship from Lyra, you can guess that she will be going after the Champ, but what about Blair Davenport?

With Davenport winning a Title shot at New Year’s Evil, it remains to be seen if Jade will go after her and try to take her out of the running or just go straight after Valkyria. Both are reasonable strategies, and both would also cause chaos, but either way it should be intriguing to watch.

We’ll have to wait until this coming Tuesday to see what the next step in her plan is, but for now, Davenport is next in line for a shot at Valkyria’s Championship. You can find the full rundown for NXT Deadline below.

WWE NXT Deadline:

  • WWE NXT Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov (C) vs Baron Corbin
  • Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Dijak vs Trick Williams vs Josh Briggs vs Bron Breakker vs Tyler Bate
  • Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match: Blair Davenport def. Tiffany Stratton, Lash Legend, Kelani Jordan, and Fallon Henley
  • North American Championship Match: Dragon Lee (C) def. Dominik Mysterio
  • Steel Cage Match: Roxanne Perez vs Kiana James
  • Carmelo Hayes def. Lexis King

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