WWE Teases Solo Sikoa Turn as The Usos and Roman Reigns Collide in Epic Brawl on SmackDown

Roman Reigns made his triumphant return to WWE SmackDown tonight, but he didn’t get the reception he was hoping for. Part of that was the crowd, but it’s mostly in regards to The Usos, who came out after Reigns kept referencing them. They had a lot to say and told Reigns he was going to suffer his first pin in 3 years, and they sowed some seeds of doubt in regard to Solo and Reigns. Jey got in Reigns’ face and after Reigns taunted him, Jey responded with a shove, which led to a kick from Jimmy. Then it was complete chaos as Sikoa got involved and security hit the ring, but everyone was still fighting when SmackDown came to a close. Now they will face each other at Money in the Bank.

Reigns kicked things off with a promo. “For a long time, maybe two years, I’ve allowed the Bloodline, allowed my cousins to say we the ones. But the truth is, we ain’t the ones. I’m the one. I’m the only one. And I know a lot of you are thinking he is arrogant and a narcissist. No, I am the best. I am the greatest of all time. I am the head of the table. I am the tribal chief. No, what I’m talking about is, I’m the only one who cares about my cousins. I’m the only one who loves The Usos. I’m the only one who has given them opportunity after opportunity. I’m the only one who has lifted them up into the promised land,” Reigns said.

Roman Sucks chants broke out, and he wasn’t pleased. “Naw naw, I’ll tell you what sucks. Family who betrays you. That’s who sucks. But the most important thing about this is, I’m the only one in this family that wants to give them a second chance, and I’ve felt like I’ve done this before and it’s like fathering my children, but when they mess up I give them a second chance, a third chance, a fourth chance. As a tribal chief, I’ll give my cousins an infinite amount of chances, but what you need to do is come out here, bow down, acknowledge me, apologize, and then let’s move on,” Reigns said.

Reigns wasn’t very happy with the crowd reactions, and then The Usos’ music hit. “Hey yo, I think cuz got this thing twisted,” Jimmy said. “Do you think, we’re trying to get back into The Bloodline? Let’s spit facts Uce. We are past acknowledging. We are past the excuses. Have you ever thought about the consequences Uce if you lose?”

“We go to war at Money in the Bank Uce. And when you lose, you the only one out,” Jey said. “Hey, and guess what, and when you lose, you’re not going to be tribal chief no more. I don’t even want to be tribal chief. Hey Jimmy, do you want to be tribal chief?” Jimmy said, “Hell no.”

Jey then said, “I got somebody who might fit the job perfectly.” Jimmy then said, “And even though he’s trippin. He got my vote.” Jey then said, “And he got my vote too.” They looked at Solo Sikoa, and Reigns started laughing, but then Sikoa looked his way and unfolded his arms as the Solo chants started to rise.

Reigns then stopped laughing and directed attention toward the Usos again. Jey got up on the ring apron and Reigns got in his face. He taunted him and said he’s never done anything, Jey then shoved Reigns in the face, and that set him up for a Jimmy superkick. Solo then started brawling and threw Jimmy out, and Jey then punched Reigns and started punching him on the mat. Reigns hit Jey with a Superman Punch, and then outside Jimmy went right at Sikoa.

Reigns started throwing security and knocking them back to get to Jimmy, but Jey dove and knocked everyone down. SmackDown came to a close as everyone was brawling around the ring. These two sides will now face each other at Money in the Bank, and you can find the full card for the big premium live event below.

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