WWE Survivor Series: Gunther Survives The Miz at WarGames

Gunther hasn’t been pinned in almost 2 years, but tonight offered a chance for that streak to be broken, as The Miz took on Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at Survivor Series WarGames. Miz surprised Gunther a bit early with a big chop, and that seemed to get the Champ’s attention. In fact, it seemed that Gunther got a lot more than he bargained for, as Miz took everything the Champ had and still kept coming back. Miz went after Gunther’s knee and wore him down, and at one point even seemed poised to get the win after delivering a vicious low blow. Gunther would still be able to put the pain aside and get the win though, retaining his Title.

After a hard chop from Miz, Gunther clocked Miz and slammed the challenger down. Miz then brought things back in his favor by causing Gunther to slam his leg into the ring post, but then Gunther caught Miz from up top and slammed him down. Gunther kept on Miz, hitting him with hard strikes and a big boot to the face.

Gunther kept taunting Miz, but then Miz came back with a number of punches before Gunther picked him up and slammed him down to the mat. Then Gunther picked up Miz and kicked him right in the face, knocking him back down. The Miz got back up though and started going after the Champion’s knee, and the strategy was working. Miz kept attacking the knee, and every time it happened he took a little more of Gunther’s power and offense away. Then Miz knocked the Champ down and looked like he was setting up a pin, but Gunther wouldn’t let that happen.

Gunther came back with a slam and then stomped on Miz before going for a sleeper hold. Miz kept hanging on and then kicked Gunther’s hurt knee. Then Miz hit a huge low blow and the Skull Crushing Finale before pinning Gunther, but the Champ kicked out. Gunther went for another sleeper but Miz ran Gunther into the turnbuckle that had been exposed. Gunther and Miz traded chops and kicks, but the Ring General then knocked Miz down with a powerful clothesline.

Gunther went up top and connected with Miz before locking in the Boston Crab. Gunther cut off Miz from getting the bottom rope and dragged him to the center again, and that’s when Miz had to tap. Gunther is still your Intercontinental Champion.

Survivor Series WarGames:

  • Women’s World Championship Match: Rhea Ripley (C) vs Zoey Stark
  • Intercontinental Championship Match: Gunther (C) def. The Miz
  • Men’s WarGames Match: Judgement Day (Finn Balor, Damian Priest, Dominik Mysterio, and JD McDonagh) and Drew McIntyre vs Cody Rhodes, Seth Rollins, Jet Uso, Sami Zayn, and Randy Orton.
  • Women’s WarGames Match: Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, Shotzi, and Becky Lynch def. Damage CTRL (IYO SKY, Bayley, Kairi Sane, and Asuka)
  • Dragon Lee vs Santos Escobar

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