WWE SuperCard Reveals Limited Valentine’s Day Cards

WWE SuperCard is getting into the Valentine’s Day spirit with special Valentine’s Cards of Superstars like The Miz, Maryse, Shawn Michaels, and more, and now we have all the details on how to get them and which cards players can add to their collections. There will be two primary ways to get the new Valentine’s Cards, and both methods will be available starting on February 10th. You can either create Winged Heart fusion ingredients and use them for a chance at those new cards in the Valentine’s Fusion Chambers, or you can take on the Tunnel of Love Quest.

The Valentine’s Fusion Chambers will come to a close on March 2nd, while the Tunnel of Love Quest will conclude on February 18th. The official WWE SuperCard Twitter account revealed a first look at the Miz and Maryse Valentine’s Cards, but we’ve also seen several other unlockable cards.

Bullfrog showcased several of the other cards in the Valentine’s Day set as part of a NextMakers reveal, which includes Shawn Michaels, Emma, and Ravishing Rick Rude. Michaels is Extinction tier, while Emma is Octane tier. Rick Rude is Royal Rumble ’23 tier. You can check out all of the cards above.

WWE SuperCard recently changed how it approaches stat bonuses in cards in an attempt to add more variance between them, and the development team revealed the reasoning behind the move in a recent Twitter post. The change will be reflected in Royal Rumble ’23 cards and will be the standard moving forward.

“Some may have noticed more pronounced statbands when leveling up your Royal Rumble ’23 cards. This is intended, but not something we intended to slip by you – we just wanted to wait for the right opportunity to discuss, which we will now take.

Starting with Royal Rumble ’23 cards, abilities will have a larger stat bonus than pro’d cards of previous tiers. In other words, base abilities for non-pro’d cards will feel initially weaker, but as you play matches, level, and pro a card, abilities and stats will scale to become significantly stronger and eventually surpass previous tiers. Abilities should now be a bigger factor in matches between high tier cards.

Also, the difference between a card’s weakest stat and its strongest stat will now become more pronounced as you play matches. For example, a card with strong POW but weak CHA will show a wider difference between those two stats. We hope the variance will make cards more specialized so players can be rewarded for being more strategic when making deck building decisions, and allow for an underdog win now and then.

With the introduction of this update, the stat bonus cards receive from playing matches will also increase. The more match you play with a card will significantly help it become stronger than before. We hope these changes help make cards of new tiers stronger and more rewarding to train for players who carefully manage their cards’ matches.”


WWE SuperCard is available on iOS and Android devices.

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