WWE SmackDown Superstar Jinder Mahal Creates New Powerhouse Faction in NXT

Diamond Mine’s The Creed Brothers were supposed to have a match against Indus Sher, but they got a huge shock when Sanga came out and revealed that Veer wasn’t even there. The match appeared scrapped, but Brutus didn’t want to hear anything else from Sanga and just wanted to fight. Julius calmed him down for a second, and Sanga continued to speak, setting up the brothers for a major surprise. As he was talking to them, Brutus and Julius were attacked by none other than Jinder Mahal, and it appears he is sticking around NXT for a bit. You can check out the full moment below.

Mahal attacked both stars and then made quick work of Brutus. Then Julius was slammed down and Mahal had reason to celebrate. Sanga and Mahal stood over Diamond Mine and Mahal grabbed the microphone, saying “Veer and Sanga fight for respect, but I don’t.” He then threw down the microphone and loomed over the Creed Brothers.

It’s not known if Mahal will be joining Veer and Sanga to create more of a faction or if he will be stepping in for Veer on a temporary basis. We’ll have to wait and see next week, but it does appear there is a new powerhouse team to deal with in WWE NXT.

Things have not been easy for Diamond Mine over the past few months, with Damon Kemp turning on them and Roderick Strong out of action for a while. While the Creed Brothers have experienced success, they don’t currently hold the NXT Tag Team Championships, and to get them they have to go through The New Day.

That doesn’t seem to be on the horizon in the near future though, as they now have to deal with Jinder Mahal and his allies. Perhaps if they can take them out, they can move one step closer to The New Day, but we’ll just have to wait and see.


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