WWE SmackDown Star Returns to NXT to Attack Apollo Crews During WWE NXT Vengeance Day

One former WWE Friday Night SmackDown star has returned to NXT to attack Apollo Crews during WWE NXT Vengeance Day! The premium live event was one of the first major events for WWE NXT now that it has gone back on tour around the world, and thus had a lot to prove with fans as it was also the kickoff event for the year overall. One of the most promising matches on the card was actually the one non-title match schedule as Carmelo Hayes and Apollo Crews were set for a 2 out of 3 falls match. Then we got something even bigger.

As the match between Hayes and Crews was nearing its end, the former WWE SmackDown star (and Monday Night Raw for a brief period) Commander Azeez made his return to the match and ended up saving Apollo Crews from Trick Williams interfering with a chair. But ultimately this led to Hayes winning the match anyway with both a submission and a full pin, and it turns out that this is likely what Azeez wanted to take place already.

What Does Commander Azeez Want With NXT?

Azeez (it has yet to be confirmed whether he will go by this name, or the previously established Dabba-Kato as seen during his debut with Raw Underground) made his return to NXT during Vengeance Day and had saved Apollo Crews from Trick Williams getting involved with a chair. But at the same time, he didn’t stop Hayes from ultimately getting the win. The reason why becomes clear soon after as Azeez hugs Apollo in the middle of the ring as a way of comforting his former compatriot following his loss.

It’s soon revealed that Azeez no longer wants to align with Crews as he attacks him soon after. Now it just remains to be seen what Azeez will not only be named moving forward, but what this means for his future in the brand overall. The two of them have been snuck into NXT’s roster for quite a while, and it seems like Crews’ next few weeks will be booked in full as he and Azeez need to work things out.


How do you feel about this former SmackDown and Raw star making their way back to WWE NXT for Vengeance Day? What are you hoping to see him do next? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments!