WWE Reveals When Logan Paul Will Make TV Return

WWE fans haven’t seen Logan Paul back on WWE TV since Paul faced Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39, but tonight’s episode of SmackDown revealed when he will make his return. Paul is set to return to WWE TV on next week’s Monday Night Raw, and he will assuredly have a lot to say. We might also get an idea of who his next challenger will be, and there is a bevy of ways WWE can go with that next matchup. Whoever Paul faces next, it will likely be a story that plays into WWE’s upcoming Money in the Bank event, as Paul’s matches typically happen at Premium Live Events, though there’s always the chance we see him in a match on Raw.

As for that next challenger, perhaps we get a rematch between Rollins and Paul, since Rollins is now holding the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. Paul was defeated by Rollins at WrestleMania 39, but WWE could easily move into a rematch situation, especially since it looks like Rollins is pretty open to accepting challenges.

If Paul answers an open challenge, the story writes itself, though Rollins is also defending his Championship against Bron Breakker on NXT next week during its Gold Rush event. Rollins and Paul delivered an entertaining match a WrestleMania, so while it might not be the surprising option, it would probably be fun to watch.

Rollins had plenty to say about Paul leading up to the match, and after his win, Rollins discussed the stage they were on at WrestleMania and the trust being in a spot like that requires from the company. In an interview with My Love Letter to Wrestling, Rollins said the experience was a hundred percent different.

“It’s a hundred percent different,” Rollins said. “Obviously, there’s a lot more pressure on me to carry the weight of a match, carry the burden of a huge WrestleMania match. There’s a lot of pressure on you. The company is basically saying ‘Here, we trust you to handle this and do this well.’ And then you’re in there with a guy who, like you said, has very little experience.”

As for Paul, he has been ready to return to WWE ever since WrestleMania 39 ended, and he’s been keeping up with Raw and SmackDown in preparation for his return. Now it’s finally happening, and he couldn’t be more excited.

“I am so hungry to get back in there, dude,” Paul said. “I am so hungry to get back in there, and I just got cable here in Puerto Rico. I’ve been watching Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown and the big events. Night of Champions just happened. As a fan, for the first time, I’m watching the consumer angle. I didn’t always do that.”

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