WWE Reveals Powerful SmackDown Faction’s New Name

Last week the WWE universe saw the return of the Authors of Pain, but there was more to the story. Not only did Akam, Rezar, and Paul Ellering return to WWE, but they aligned themselves with Karrion Kross and Scarlett, and created a powerful new faction in the process. They would attack Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits, and tonight Lashley, Angelo Dawkins, and Montez Ford came to SmackDown to confront them. That’s when Kross came on the video screen, and while that confrontation would have to wait, Kross did reveal the name of the faction, which is The Final Testament.

First Lashley hit the ring with Ford and Dawkins, and he immediately called out Kross and AoP. “AoP and Karrion Kross, last week you tried to take us out. You thought jumping us from behind would get you the upper hand? No, it just got you a fight you can’t win. You see when we have an issue with somebody we confront face to face and settle things. We don’t take the coward’s approach. We get ready to fight. So Karrion Kross, if you and your boys want to settle this issue with us, you can settle it right now.”

Paul Ellering came out and pointed to the video screen, where Kross talked about his purpose. Kross said Lashley and the Street Profits were at the top of the list to be deconstructed, and what better time for two of the most dangerous men in WWE to be back. Kross then revealed that the faction’s name is The Final Testament.

Kross has teased the new faction during a previous promo, where he recounted all of the actions he’s taken against SmackDown superstars since returning to WWE. That included Drew McIntyre, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Rey Mysterio, and now his vision includes Lashley, Ford, and Dawkins.

“I had to take away Drew McIntyre’s temperament, and he spiraled out of control,” Kross said. “We took away Rey’s patience, to such a degree that he struck his own son in front of his mother. And just for fun, we took away Shinsuke Nakamura’s honor, and look at him now. But even the proclamation is soon to be forgotten without a scribe. Without…authors.”

Previous reports indicated the Authors of Pain have been signed by WWE since 2022 and just not used on TV. That’s changed now, and it goes right in step with a new push for Kross as a powerful villain on the blue brand. It remains to be seen if the group will be able to get some big wins over the next few months, but they got off to a good start with the ambush attack last week.

The Authors of Pain debuted in NXT in 2016 at TakeOver: The End, and they would go on to win the NXT Tag Team Championships by taking down DIY at NXT TakeOver: San Antonio. They would go on to defend those Titles against DIY again and The Revival, but would meet their match against Sanity, who defeated AOP for the Titles at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn III. They would move to Monday Night Raw in 2018, but they would end their partnership with Ellering, and later would bring in Drake Maverick as their manager.

They would win the Raw Tag Team Championships later that year but did not hold them for very long, as they would lose to Bobby Roode and Chad Gable after 35 days. Akam was injured for a while and after drifting a bit they would return as enforcers for Seth Rollins, but unfortunately, Rezar would suffer an injury and put the duo out of action. The team was released by WWE in 2020, and now are back in the company to kick off 2024.

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