WWE Provides an Update on Charlotte Flair’s Knee Injury

On the Tribute to the Troops episode of WWE SmackDown last week, Charlotte Flair wrestled Damage CTRL’s Asuka. During commercial, Charlotte headed to the top rope with Asuka and got caught in the ropes, slipping and injuring her knee. When the match came back from break, it quickly wrapped up leading fans to wonder what was wrong with the former women’s champion. Flair immediately started grabbing her knee and screaming in agony toward referee Charles Robinson. Officials got her up and to the back but since then, little has been said about Flair’s injury.

A recent report revealed that Flair was sent home to Florida as she was taken off any of the WWE Live Tour dates she was scheduled for. Flair would be given a full medical evaluation to assess the injury. On tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown, Kevin McCarthy announced on commentary that Flair suffered an injury that would keep her out for “nine months.” At the time it was believed by those within WWE that the injury was “fairly serious.”

After taking some time off following WrestleMania 39 to rehab an undisclosed injury, Flair returned in June and has been pretty consistently featured on WWE programming whether it be in title matches or in a storyline with Damage CTRL. Following the women’s three-way match at WWE SummerSlam that saw Asuka, Bianca Belair and Flair battle it out for the WWE Women’s Championship, she has since declared she wants another shot at the title. After Survivor Series, Flair made it clear she wants a shot at the WWE Women’s Championship currently held by Damage CTRL’s IYO Sky. Commentary stated that in order for Flair to get a title shot, much like Bianca Belair, she will need to go through all of Damage CTRL to get to Sky.

As one of the top female Superstars in WWE, this will leave a big hole in the divison. With the current timetable, Flair will be out of any plans for any of the upcoming pay-per-views, including the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and possibly SummerSlam. At this stage in her career, Flair has achieved just about everything she can in WWE. She is a seven-time WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, a six-time RAW Women’s Champion, a former Women’s Tag Team Champion, Diva’s Champion, and NXT Women’s Champion.