WWE Just Teased The Undertaker’s Return on NXT

Next Tuesday’s episode of WWE NXT is shaping up to be quite the event, as for the first time in a while NXT is going head-to-head with AEW Dynamite. To this point, WWE has already stacked the episode with a card that includes a rematch between Carmelo Hayes and Bron Breakker and the most anticipated match of the night between Roxanne Perez and Asuka, and the former will have John Cena and Paul Heyman involved as well. Now WWE has seemingly confirmed that The Undertaker will make an appearance during tonight’s WWE SmackDown.

During tonight’s episode of SmackDown, a commercial previewing next week’s NXT played, which WWE has been advertising all week. There was a big difference this time around though, as when the commercial starts to end the Undertaker’s trademark gong sound plays before fading to black. That does seem to suggest Undertaker will grace fans with his presence on Tuesday.

The Undertaker hasn’t been on WWE TV since Raw is XXX, where he had a celebrated interaction with the late Bray Wyatt. Before that, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, and while he is retired from in-ring action, he left the door open for an appearance by taking his trench coat and hat and leaving the ring.

That said, it is intriguing to see him return on an episode of NXT, but if you’re looking for a surefire way to draw eyes to the show, it’s difficult to think of much that would be bigger than an appearance from The Deadman. Plus it’s always great to have the icons interact with the newer stars of NXT.

Next week’s episode of NXT will also boast an appearance from Cody Rhodes, and it is teased he has a big announcement in store for the show. It’s not really known what that could be, but just having him be a part of the show is a big enough deal on its own. Then you’ve got Cena and Heyman taking part in the match between Hayes and Breakker, and you just know they will end up getting involved in the match somehow. Also, odds are that Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa make some kind of appearance.

Then there’s the anticipated match-up between Perez and Asuka, which comes after Kiana James set up the match for Perez. That came after Perez took issue with Perez being so celebrated during her time in NXT over her, and she revealed last week that she had managed to set up a match for Perez without her knowing. Perez and Asuka have never faced each other one-on-one, so this will be one of the biggest matches of the night.

There’s also the continued involvement of superstars like The Judgement Day, Baron Corbin, and Butch, who have all been involved in NXT over the past few weeks and months. Dominik Mysterio currently holds the North American Championship after using the rest of his team to defeat Trick Williams, and now he will likely involved in next week’s episode as well.

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