WWE: Jason Baker Reveals Update on Bray Wyatt’s Horror Movie Project

Bray Wyatt has been electric since returning to WWE, with looks to be headed towards a feud with Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 39. Before he made his return to the company he was slated to appear in his first movie, which was a horror project in collaboration with Jason Baker and Rob Fee. Since returning to WWE Wyatt has collaborated with Baker on a host of projects tied to his appearances on SmackDown and at premium live events, but all that work has slowed down the progress on the movie, which Baker explained in a new interview with Metro.co.uk.

“What happened was, I was working with Bray and Rob Fee and then WWE hired two-thirds of the people working on it, and they started slamming me with work,” Baker said. “It’s not dead, it’s just we’re all working over at WWE now. I’m sure we’ll eventually get around to it, but – alright, let’s just go and do this for now!”

Baker runs Callosum Studios with Tom Savini, and the company has helped create the Firefly Fun House and several of Wyatt’s masks along the way. Baker said they were getting close to getting the movie up and running but then Triple H hired Rob and Baker started working with Wyatt on his return, which obviously put the film on the back burner, but only for now.

“We were getting close, and then he started talking with Hunter, and then Hunter hired Rob. It was like, s**t, you guys aren’t gonna have any time to shoot a movie because we’re all gonna busy,” Baker said. “And then Bray came back, he’s like, ‘Well I need you to make a bunch of stuff’. I’m like, ‘Well, when are we gonna shoot a movie if we’re all busy with WWE?’ It’s not a bad thing, this is where he should be! And I’m sure we’ll get around to making that movie eventually, but let’s get him back where he needs to be, and that’s in WWE.”

“He’s really fun to collaborate with, he’s always open to ‘the weirder the better’. We’ll just throw ideas back and forth at each other. I think he’s in the place where he should be. Just in the little time he’s been in WWE, he’s brought a lot to it I think,” Baker said. “I really enjoy it! I don’t know what they’re doing, that’s above my paygrade, but someone’s doing something right.”


Hopefully, the project still happens, but with Wyatt busier than ever these days, it could be a while before it comes to fruition.