WWE Finally Reveals Former 24/7 Champion Reggie as NXT’s Scrypts

Over the past several weeks WWE NXT fans have seen a bevy of teases for someone calling themselves Scrypts, and they were calling in with their voice masked and talking about taking NXT by storm. The teases seemed to hint at a hacker or rebel-style character, and tonight Scrypts finally made his debut, though it wasn’t what anyone expected. A man in an orange and black mask came out and pulled some impressive parkour-style maneuvers, and that’s when many noticed that Scrypts was actually the man formerly known as Reggie, and Reggie chants weren’t too far behind.

Scrypts pulled off an impressive leap into the ring and then started hitting some slick moves during the match, and it didn’t take long for people to put the pieces together. Once the chants broke out most on social media also put it together. You can check out his debut as Scrypts in the video below.

Scrypts would get the win and leave a signature card by his fallen opponent. It remains to be seen if he will unmask in a full promo segment or if NXT will keep up the mystery angle, but the cat is in fact out of the bag in real life on that front. Hopefully he does unmask and make it official, because then perhaps people can move on and start investing in the new character and not pointing out that it’s Reggie.

Reggie was last seen on Monday Night Raw in the 24/7 Championship scene after having a stellar run with the Title. He’ll easily be an asset for NXT if the new character can find its footing, so hopefully more of that will become clear over the next few weeks. Up next is NXT Deadline, and you can find the full card below.

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Men’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match (Winner Earns Title Shot): 5 TBD Superstars

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Match (Winner Earns Title Shot): 5 TBD Superstars


NXT Deadline streams live on Peacock on December 10th.

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