WWE Crowns New NXT Champion at No Mercy

The anticpated rematch between NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov took place at tonight’s NXT, and the two superstars delivered a true match-of-the-year candidate when all was said and done. Dragunov came out of the gate strong, putting Hayes on his heels, but eventually, the A-Champ would get some momentum. Both stars pushed each other to the limit, and they seemed to have an answer for each other’s biggest moves. Towards the end, the two stars kept countering each other’s moves, but then Dragunov broke up Nothing but Net, and that led to the star hitting the H-Bomb on Hayes before following up with a Super H-Bomb to close the deal. Dragunov pinned Hayes and got the 3-count, becoming the new NXT Champion.

Dragunov just ran right into Hayes with a big boot to the face, and then kept on the Champ, hitting him with strikes and stomps to the head. More stomps followed and the Champ looked a little stunned, and that was before a massive chop from the challenger. Another chop and more strikes followed from the challenger, and Hayes looked rocked. Hayes got some offense in but then got thrown out of the ring, and Dragunov sent him to the floor with another boot to the face.

Hayes came back with a vengeance and tackled Dragunov with a series of punches to the head and then kept up the assault, knocking Dragunov around the ring. Spears and kicks followed as he pinned Dragunov into the corner, but Dragunov hit a major clothesline on the Champion.

Dragunov hit a senton on Hayes and then knocked the Champ down to the mat, following it up with a knee strike to the head. More chops followed and then yet another big boot, but Hayes got to his feet and delivered some strikes. Hayes then caught a back elbow from Dragunov though and was knocked back down to the mat.

Dragunov had Hayes against the ropes and delivered some sharp chops to the back of the Champ, and then hit a series of punches to the Champ’s chest. But Hayes caught Dragunov’s chop and hit some big chops of his own, driving the challenger back to the opposite corner. Hayes kept hitting with kicks and strikes, though a headbutt from the challenger brought a temporary halt to the momentum swing. Hayes then slapped Dragunov in the face and both stars fell to the mat.

Hayes kept punching but looked like he hurt his hand. Then Dragunov slammed his shoulder into Hayes on the mat, but Hayes kept answering with tackles and punches of his own. Hayes reversed a move and hit a huge dropkick on Dragunov. Hayes hit the DDT and covered the challenger, but Dragunov got his shoulder up. Dragunov reversed a move and then hit a German Suplex on the Champ, and he didn’t let go. Dragunov finally broke the hold and Hayes then slammed the challenger down into another cover, but he kicked out again.

Hayes stomped on Dragunov repeatedly and then went for a kick, but his foot was caught. Dragon hit knee strikes and then hit a huge knee strike. Dragunov then hit a powerbomb and fell to the mat, while Hayes rolled to the other side of the ring. Hayes then went for a move but Dragunov countered and lifted the Champ up, slamming him into the turnbuckle. Dragunov went up again and then hit the coast to coast before going for the pin, but Hayes kicked out.

Dragunov got Hayes up top and they exchanged headbutts, but Hayes won the exchange. Hayes got to his feet but then Dragunov slapped Hayes and knocked him down. Dragunov then duplexed Hayes from the other side of the ropes. Dragunov went for something again but Hayes caught him only to get Dragunov slamming him down into an impromptu cover, but Hayes kicked out of the cover attempt.

Dragunov went back up yet again and hit the H-Bomb, but Hayes kicked out of the cover attempt. Dragunov was bleeding a bit from his forehead at this point, but he was on his feet. Hayes hit the superkick and went for the cover but Dragunov kicked out, and both stars were clearly at their limits. The two fought on the apron and hit each other with punches to the head. Then Hayes hit a Cutter from the ring apron and slammed Dragunov onto the floor.

Hayes went up top but then got hit with a clothesline when he went for Nothing but Net. Dragunov got to his feet and then went up once more. He went for a Super H-Bomb and then covered Melo, and he got the pin and the win. Ilja Dragunov is your new NXT Champion!

WWE NXT No Mercy Card and Updated Results

  • NXT Championship Match: Ilja Dragunov (C) def. Carmelo Hayes
  • NXT Women’s Championship Extreme Rules Match: Becky Lynch (C) vs. Tiffany Stratton
  • NXT North American Championship Match: Trick Williams (C) def. Dominik Mysterio
  • NXT Heritage Cup Match: Noam Dar (C) def. Butch
  • NXT Tag Team Championship Fatal 4-Way Match: Tony D’Angelo and Stacks (C) def. The Creed Brothers, Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo, Bronco Nima and Lucien Price
  • Baron Corbin def. Baron Corbin
  • Blair Davenport def. Kelani Jordan

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