Who Is the Real Agent Argylle?

One of the biggest questions plaguing movie fans (and humanity, really) for the last few months has been, “Who is the real Agent Argylle?” The query was first asked in the trailer for Matthew Vaughn‘s film Argylle, in which author Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard) learns her fictional narratives have a way of recalling real-life incidents of espionage. With Argylle itself being a spy film full of twists and turns, audiences have been theorizing for months who the real Agent Argylle could be, with theories ranging from it being the cat featured in the movie to Taylor Swift. With Argylle in theaters now, fans finally know who the real Agent Argylle is.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Argylle

After Elly is intercepted by Aidan (Sam Rockwell), who then takes Elly to France to meet former CIA executive Alfred Solomon (Samuel L. Jackson), with Solomon offering the information on the “real” Agent Argylle. Elly, and the audience, learns that she is actually the “real” Agent Argylle, as she had formerly been a spy named Rachel Kylle (a.k.a. R. Kylle). Many of the missions she wrote about Argylle embarking on were memories of her former missions coming from her subconscious and into these stories, which is why they had so much similarity to actual operations.

During one of these missions, she suffered an injury that caused amnesia, thus forgetting all of her exploits as Rachel. When the nefarious organization the “Division” learns of this, members Ritter (Bryan Cranston) and “Ruth” (Catherine O’Hara) appear in Rachel’s hospital room to brainwash her into believing she is “Elly Conway” and that they are her parents. By encouraging her to write, knowing it could reveal suppressed memories, the Division knew that this could point them towards the location of the “Masterkey,” a MacGuffin that would expose the Division.

After learning of her own history, Rachel and Aidan aim to take down the Division together, though she struggles to overcome the built-in brainwashing mechanisms the Division installed that caused her to carry out their violent desires. Rachel attacks Aidan, and as he avoids fighting her, Rachel’s memories of their time together prevent her from actually killing him and she is able to send the details of the Masterkey to Solomon.

The real identity of Argylle might not be who fans thought it would be, but this is just one of multiple twists audiences witness throughout the film’s run time.

Argylle is in theaters now.

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