Watch Logan Paul Nail Seth Rollins With a Knockout Punch on WWE Raw

Logan Paul left Seth Rollins knocked out cold in the ring on this week’s Monday Night Raw inside Boston’s TD Garden Arena. Rollins challenged Paul to meet him face-to-face after their encounters at Royal Rumble and Elimination Chamber, prompting a segment between the two while The Miz attempted to moderate. Rollins tried to goad Paul into a fight and the YouTube star seemed to agree, but then pointed out he’d only do it for the right price and on a big enough stage. Miz then noted he could make a match happen between the two at WrestleMania 39 since he’s the host of the show, but Rollins didn’t want to wait.

The former WWE Champion tossed Miz out of the ring and started brawling with Paul in the corner. Miz ran back in and got attacked by Rollins again, but the move left “The Visionary” wide open to a knockout punch from Paul. The WrestleMania match between the two wasn’t made official, but all signs are now pointing to that.

Seth Rollins Tears Into Logan Paul

Rollins has made it abundantly clear in various interviews that he has nothing but contempt for Paul. The controversial celebrity boxer initially debuted with WWE in 2021 but has looked impressive in his three WWE matches and Men’s Royal Rumble appearance.

“I don’t want people going around thinking that’s what wrestling is, that you just paint by numbers, somebody programs you, and you’re going to be just fine,” Rollins said on After The Bell. “This idea that you can just poof, pop on a camera, film yourself, do some crap on social media sites, and become a star and have some worth in the world, is for me, maybe I’m an old crotchety man, but I don’t understand what value you’re giving back to the world.”


“I don’t understand what long-term value he’s going to be able to give back to us,” he added. “It’s one thing if you come in, you do your thing, and you leave, but the dude’s got a contract with WWE. That guy is supposed to have a few matches a year. I don’t know what his deal is, but that doesn’t make you an ambassador for the business. That’s not what wrestling is. I own a wrestling school. I don’t want my students [or] the next generation of kids coming up in the business thinking that’s how you make it in professional wrestling. If everybody follows that model, the business is dead. It’s dead. It doesn’t exist anymore.”