Valheim Ashlands Sneak Peek Gives First Look at Fortresses

Earlier this month, Valheim developers Iron Gate dropped a small hotfix to update a few lingering issues, but fans are still waiting to hear about when they’ll finally get access to the new Ashlands biome. Unfortunately, the Valheim devs don’t have a concrete answer for that just yet, but they did release a new set of teaser images showing off a sneak peek at the new content coming. The most exciting of these is the new Fortress mechanic that’s said to “be a central part” of the new biome. While this first look doesn’t reveal much about what’s going to be inside the Fortress, it does show players just how imposing these things will be when they do launch.

Iron Gate also gave Valheim fans a peek at some of the new armor designs coming to Ashlands. This first look is a bit dark, but it’s clear that the team is going for a fire theme. In fact, the devs say, “We have named this set after one of the two first humans in Norse mythology: Embla.”

On top of the new armor, Iron Gate provided an updated look at some of the weapons. In the last sneak peek, fans noted that the new weapons didn’t seem “particularly magical or special.” In this updated look, we get to see a weapon closer to its final form, though Iron Gate isn’t saying how weapons will be upgraded during Ashlands. Hopefully, we’ll learn more about that process in the months to come as we get closer to the biome’s release date.

Valheim Ashlands Release Date

As mentioned, we don’t have a concrete release date for the Ashlands biome in Valheim. That said, we can make some educated guesses based on past biomes. Previously, the developers have needed around nine months to bring a new biome to the live game. We’ve known that work began on Ashlands sometime in February 2023. That means we could see the biome hit the PTB servers as soon as next month, but the biome should hit the main servers before next summer at the latest.

Of course, development, and often does, change quite a bit all the time. We haven’t heard about any major setbacks, but Iron Gate has never announced a release date, so it could have happened behind the scenes. Either way, it’s likely not going to be too much longer before the Ashlands biome is in Valheim player’s hands.

Valheim is available now on Xbox and PC platforms.