V/H/S/85 Recruits Black Phone, Hellraiser Directors for 2023 Sequel

Even though the upcoming V/H/S/99 hasn’t even been released yet Shudder has already confirmed that another entry in the series is in the works for next year with V/H/S/85. Bloody Disgusting brings the details, confirming the directors that have been tapped for the new film in the series include: Scott Derrickson (Sinister, Doctor Strange, The Black Phone), David Bruckner (The Ritual, Hellraiser – 2022), Gigi Saul Guerrero (Bingo Hell, The Purge TV series), Natasha Kermani (Lucky), and Mike P. Nelson (Wrong Turn – 2021). The news was officially announced at New York Comic Con with the film scheduled to arrive in 2023.

“Since its inception, the V/H/S franchise has been a showcase for both established and emerging horror filmmakers to terrify audiences with innovative takes on the found footage genre,” Shudder General Manager Craig Engler said in a statement. “Following the success of last year’s hit V/H/S/94 and this year’s upcoming V/H/S/99, we are totally stoked to take Shudder members back to 1985 with a wicked new collection of scares from some of the most radical horror directors working today.”

V/H/S/85 will mark the sixth movie in the found footage franchise which has found itself revived and better than ever in recent years thanks to streaming service Shudder. As some readers may recall, the existence of V/H/S/85 was previously confirmed through an Instagram post. Back in April, actor Freddy Rodriguez (Grindhouse’s Planet Terror) revealed a photo of himself in costume with a caption that included #VHS85 in the post. The title of this year’s V/H/S/99 wasn’t confirmed until months later however, so Rodriguez accidentally confirmed not this year’s movie but next year’s movie.


The first movie in the V/H/S series was released in 2012, kickstarting the franchise that has seen segments directed by Godzilla vs. Kong‘s Adam Wingard, The Raid: Redemption‘s Gareth Evans, The Blair Witch Project‘s Eduardo S?nchez, and Moon Knight‘s Justin Benson and Aaron Scott Moorhead, among others. The film spawned three sequels and a spin-off following its release. V/H/S/94 marked biggest movie premiere in Shudder history when it arrived last year, with V/H/S/99 scheduled to premiere on the service on October 20.