Twitch Streamer Shatters Concurrent Viewership Record

A Twitch streamer has shattered the record for most concurrent viewers on a live stream. Twitch is one of the biggest platforms on the internet and has launched a number of careers for a ton of influencers. It’s a very unique site and has been the most prominent live streaming service for around a decade. While others have tried to compete, Twitch has remained dominant. With that said, there are some competitors that are coming for Twitch’s crown including YouTube and Kick. Whether they will actually succeed remains to be seen, but they’ve already poached a number of major creators from Twitch and that will probably continue as some Twitch streamers are unhappy with some of the recent changes the platform has made.

With that said, Twitch is still attracting plenty of users and a streamer even broke the record for most concurrent viewers. Twitch streamer Ibai, the one who held the previous record for most concurrent viewers, broke his own record with an astonishing 3.4 million concurrent viewers during his La Velada boxing event. He has been sustaining over 3 million views during the event, which is incredibly impressive. A lot of the biggest streamers pull in tens of thousands, maybe even hundreds of thousands of viewers during a stream, but rarely do you see these streamers throwing up consistent millions of concurrent views. Those kinds of numbers are easier to pull off on YouTube videos where anyone can watch it at anytime and it’s usually shorter content. Pulling in 3 million concurrent users is equivalent to a pretty successful TV broadcast, particularly in 2023.

Given Ibai has held these records for quite some time, it seems unlikely anyone else will come remotely close to touching this viewership record. Maybe it will happen, but given some of the biggest Twitch streamers are abandoning the platform for competitors, Twitch is losing a lot of people who could maybe have a small chance of doing this.

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