Twitch Streamer Banned for “Self Harm” After Posting Allegedly Doctored Video of Him Putting a Fork in a Toaster

Recently, Twitch streamer Boggles1 posted a video of himself seemingly putting a fork into a running toaster and exploding. Reportedly, that video was heavily doctored and Boggles1 wasn’t in any actual danger, but Twitch doesn’t take things like this lightly. After all, the streaming giant doesn’t want viewers to see streamers doing something like this and then replicating the act in an attempt to also go viral. To that end, Twitch officially banned Boggles1 for thirty days for “self-harm.” On Twitter, Boggles1 confirmed that they’ve reached out to Twitch to appeal the decision, but that request was denied.

Boggles1 30-Day Twitch Ban for “Self-Harm”

Again, it’s hard to blame Twitch for this. It doesn’t want to have streamers on the service doing unsafe things and then have viewers try it for themselves. Even if the whole thing is staged, Twitch can’t realistically allow this on the platform. Hopefully, this will deter Boggles1 from doing anything similar to this in the future, though it should be noted that after being notified of the ban, the streamer jumped on Kick to up the ante. There, Boggles posted another video of himself, but this time he put two forks into two different toasters saying, “Two toasters should cancel each other out?”

While Boggles may have claimed on Twitter following the first incident that it was “an honest mistake,” it definitely sends a mixed message to then jump on another streaming platform and post a follow-up video. He’s since posted another video doing it again while on a call with his grandma. It’s possible Twitch could see this video and institute a further ban, though that remains to be seen.

That seems a bit more likely when you consider that another Kick streamer named GooseIsLoose has also uploaded a video of himself sticking a fork in a toaster, calling it the “toaster challenge.” Twitch won’t want to promote users who pull stunts like this, and if Boggles continues to push the envelope when they come back to the platform, they’ll likely get hit with an even stiffer ban. Of course with so much talent leaving Twitch for Kick last year, Boggles might decide to make the move permanent even when the ban is lifted.

High-Profile Streamers Flock to Kick

As mentioned, 2023 was the first year we saw streamers moving to Kick in mass. Major players in the streaming market like xQc, Nickmercs, and Tfue joined the platform last year, with the latter coming out of retirement to do so. Kick started to ramp up its efforts to sign big-name streamers to lucrative contracts last year and was mostly successful with those efforts. Of course, major players like Dr. Disrepect have yet to make the jump, but if the price is right, it wouldn’t be surprising to see even the most popular Twitch streamers moving to Kick in the coming months.