True Detective: Night Country Leaning Harder Into the Supernatural With Episode 3’s Terrifying Ending

Fans of True Detective have been trying to crack the case of the show’s fourth season, Night Country, often tying many of the seemingly supernatural occurrences in Ennis, Alaska back to something logical. The microorganisms being studied at TSALAL and the issues stemming from the mining operation are amongst the most popular theories. Many are expecting the spiritual and supernatural elements to eventually connect the dots, much like how the first season was less about some horrifying cult king and more about evil people with money.

As True Detective: Night Country continues, however, it seems more and more likely that something supernatural is at the core of the mystery. Yes, things like government coverups and colonization are at play here as well, but the show continues to add in more elements that can’t be fully explained. The final minutes of the episode not only bring more supernatural elements into the case, the also represent some of the most terrifying moments of the entire season. WARNING: This article contains MAJOR SPOILERS for True Detective: Night Country! Continue reading at your own risk…

The second episode of True Detective: Night Country revealed that one of the scientists from the “corpsicle” was actually still alive. At the end of Episode 3, Danvers and Navarro received a call that the man, Anders Lund, was awake, though not doing well. Frostbite and gangrene had spread and he lost multiple limbs. His ability to potentially answer questions, however, represented what could be the biggest break in the entire case.

In the middle of his painful screams, Lund manages to share an eerie message, one that continues Raymond Clark’s original claim that “She is awake.”

“We woke her,” Lund tells Danvers. “Now she’s out. She’s out there in the ice. She came for us in the dark.”

Amidst Lund’s chilling message, Navarro once again hears the distant whispers of a mysterious woman. She’s been hearing similar things throughout the season. Perhaps the most terrifying part of the exchange, though, occurs after Danvers leaves.

Lund stops screaming and sits straight up in his bed. He speaks to Navarro in an a completely different voice, “Hello, Evangeline. Your mother says hello. She’s waiting for you.” With his final words, Lund points out towards the ice. He dies right after he exits the trance.

It appears Anders Lund was briefly possessed by someone or something. All of his behaviors immediately change when he sits up to address Navarro. He uses a totally new voice. There’s also the mention of Navarro’s mother, who we know is dead.

With the addition of moments like these, it gets more and more difficult to see how True Detective: Night Country could deliver an ending completely devoid of the spiritual or supernatural. It also provides fans with what might be the biggest mystery of the season: Who is “She”?