Toni Storm Retains AEW Women’s World Title but is Confronted by Returning Star on Dynamite

AEW Dynamite had a wealth of Title gold on the line, including the AEW Women’s World Championship. Timeless Toni Storm faced one of AEW’s brightest stars in Skye Blue, and while the two have faced each other several times before, both have changed considerably since their last contest. Blue wasn’t intimidated by Storm’s arsenal of offense in the least, but in a battle of counters, Storm was able to keep Blue’s shoulders down just long enough to seal the win, retaining her Championship. She didn’t get much time to celebrate though, as Riho made her surprising return to AEW. Riho confronted the Champ and was able to dodge her attack, and now it seems these two will be facing each other sooner rather than later.

Storm geared herself up and then locked up with Blue before going for a hold but Blue countered with a head scissors. Storm countered but then Blue countered as well, and then Storm found a truly unique way to break the hold. Storm then went on a rampage, knocking Blue down and becoming super aggressive, but Blue cut that offensive flurry off by throwing Storm to the floor. Storm rebounded and stopped Blue’s momentum, and then Storm got some help from Luther to throw Blue off the ring apron to the floor.

Storm hit Blue with a loud chop before slamming her into the announce table. Another chop followed and then Storm threw Blue into the corner of the barricades and then crushed Blue with the hip attack against the barricades. Storm got Blue back in the ring and stayed aggressive, not letting Blue to her feet much and using the ropes to knock the wind out of the challenger.

Blue was able to turn the corner though and get some offense going, countering a move and going up top. Blue hit a crossbody into a cover but Storm kicked out of the pin attempt. Storm hit a German suplex to break up the momentum swing, but Blue evaded a hip attack and then hit one of her own on the Champion. Blue connected with a boot to the face next, but she got hit with the hip attack in the corner. Blue tried to counter a pin but Storm was able to keep the challenger’s shoulders down just long enough to walk way the victor, retaining her AEW Women’s World Championship.

After the win, Storm’s celebration was cut short as Riho’s music hit. The former AEW World Women’s Champion raced down to the ring and Storm couldn’t believe it. Storm attacked Riho but Riho evaded the move and went for one of her own, though it was cut short when Luther caught Storm and walked her away from the ring.

It would seem that Riho will want a shot at Storm’s Championship, and if so, the two are likely to face each other at Worlds End or perhaps on a future AEW Dynamite. Storm had her first Title defense tonight against Skye, who she had faced several times before, but not in this current iteration of their personas. The same is true of Riho, as the last time they faced each other there was no sign of Timeless Toni Storm.

Right now the card for Worlds End only features one match, that being the AEW World Championship match between MJF and Samoa Joe. This could very well be the second match on the card, but we’ll have to wait and see.

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