Tim Burton’s Batman 3 Gets Fan-Made Trailer, Including Billy Dee Williams as Two-Face

The universe of Tim Burton‘s Batman continues to be talked about quite a lot, especially with Michael Keaton set to reprise his role as Bruce Wayne / Batman onscreen next year. Keaton and Burton only got to collaborate on the character through two films, before different actors and directors stepped in to the franchise beginning with 1995’s Batman Forever. One element that never came to fruition from Burton’s vision was having Billy Dee Williams portray Two-Face, the villainous alter ego of his district attorney Harvey Dent. While Williams’ version of the character has lived on in other mediums, a new fan-made trailer imagines what it could look like in live-action.

The trailer, which was crafted by YouTuber solyentbrak1, imagines what Burton’s hypothetical Batman 3 could have looked like. This inclludes Williams as Two-Face, and even Marlon Wayans as Robin, another storyline that never came to fruition.

When did Billy Dee Williams play Two-Face?

After the soft reboot of Batman Forever seemingly shut down hopes of Williams playing Two-Face, fans finally got their wish in a small regard through him voicing the character in The LEGO Batman Movie. His version of the character then appeared in DC’s recent Batman ’89 comic series.

“Well, it’s pretty ironic, I guess,” Williams told The Hollywood Reporter in 2017. “Considering I originally played Harvey Dent with the hopes of playing Two-Face and here I am doing Two-Face in a Lego movie. It’s very interesting.”

“I never got to really work on it,” Williams said of his approach to a live-action Two-Face. “I just thought it would have been really interesting. Tommy Lee Jones was really great, and he’s one of my favorite actors, but I thought it would have been a kind of a departure and it would have been different. You win some, you lose some. I remember as a kid reading the Batman comics and seeing what the character was through illustration. The whole idea of a nice-looking guy ending up with a horrible disfigured look was pretty intriguing to me. It was like playing out two personalities. In the Lego Movie, it’s really hard to really talk about it because it’s in pieces, but the character, it’s not like doing a feature film in that sense. There’s more of an animated feeling to it.”


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