The Witcher’s Dijkstra & Philippa Reveal How Geralt and Ciri Affect Their Plans in Season 3

The Witcher’s Geralt, Ciri, Yennefer, and Jaskier are major focal points in season 3, but characters like Dijkstra, Philippa, and Radavoid are also constantly impacting the show throughout the season. Dijkstra and Philippa are especially lethal and cunning in season 3, and had the chance to speak to Cassie Clare (Philippa) and Graham McTavish (Dijkstra) all about what their characters have planned. Philippa and Dijkstra have their hands in just about everything that goes on in the kingdom and even outside of it, and as for Geralt and his team of allies, the duo has plans for him too, if they are willing to play ball.

“Yeah. Well, Dijkstra is trying to further his super objective regarding Redania, and trying to recruit Geralt into that plan. And he believes, I think, that Philippa is very much aligned with that, that we are on parallel tracks. But I think he starts to think perhaps that she has a slightly different agenda,” McTavish said. “That’s really the most I can say about her. It’s like that in any relationship where you think you understand the dynamic, and then there’s a moment where something happens where you have to reassess. You go, Oh, right. Okay.”

“So they’re both very smart people, and I think when you’ve got two people who are that smart together, it’s very tiring, actually. It’s very tiring. Because it’s fine to be the smart one in the relationship or the not-so-smart one, but if you’re both working at that high level, it can be exhausting,” McTavish said. Clare said, “It’s challenging.”

“So I think he’s tired a lot of the time, Dijkstra, to be honest. He’s always needing a lie-down. Never gets one,” McTavish said. As for Philippa, she’s played the long game in a way no one else really even comprehends, and that plan really starts to play out in season 3.

“I would say that, you mentioned super objective. Philippa has had a plan that I think has been in action long before we come to find her. And it starts bubbling in Season Two. You might see a little owl flying around collecting intel. But it’s gone on for a long time even before that. So it’s nice to come in Season Three and watch them start to stir the pot. And they’re doing things that they’ve probably planned together for some time for their joint super objective. And I’m not going to say anything else about Philippa’s personal objective.

The Witcher season 3 Chapter 1 (which includes episodes 1 through 5) is available on Netflix now, while Chapter 2 (which includes episodes 6 through 8) hits Netflix on July 27th.

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