The Rings of Power Cast Tease “Epic” Finale (Exclusive)

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power is just beginning its five season run, but its freshman year is coming to a close. Last week’s penultimate episode saw a destroyed Southland become rebranded as Mordor, which fans of the books will know to be the name of Sauron’s home realm. This had led to fans speculating that this week’s finale could be where the mysterious Sauron finally shows his face, as he has been no more than a name whispered throughout the first seven episodes. If Sauron is indeed coming in Season 1, fans will have to find out in real time.

Speaking with’s Liam Crowley, Rings of Power star Leon Wadham (Kemen) played coy when asked if he knows when Sauron is coming.

“All will be revealed,” Wadham teased.

While The Rings of Power cast remained tight-lipped on what’s coming in the finale, they did each give a one-word description of what to expect.

“Culmination,” Celebrimbor actor Charles Edwards said.

“Epic,” Sara Zwangobani (Marigold Brandyfoot) and Wadham agreed.

“Major,” M?riel actress Cynthia Addai-Robinson proclaimed. “I need my thesaurus now because it’s many variations on epic. It’s epicness, it’s intensity. It’s hard to put it in one word because there’s going to be a lot of layers to things.”

“You’re going to be very happy,” Benjamin Walker (Gil-galad) teased.

“Six hours long,” The Stranger actor Daniel Weyman joked.

Weyman had more to add regarding his character, The Stranger. This enigmatic giant crash-landed before the Harfoots in the final frame of the premiere episode, and while he has learned how to put together some words in the weeks since, the identity of The Stranger remains a mystery.

Even though audiences remain in the dark regarding how The Stranger factors into the bigger picture, Weyman alluded to knowing bits and pieces of where the character is going.


“Certainly when I started, I wasn’t told the endgame until they trusted me. I think there was a certain amount of drip feeding,” Weyman said. “The showrunners have been great in making sure that I have all the information I need to play the character truthfully and sort of honestly, so hopefully, wherever we go with the character, people will at least feel like I’m rooted and secure in playing that.”

The Rings of Power airs its Season 1 finale on Friday, October 14th.