The Morning Show Executive Producers Say Jon Hamm Was the Only Choice for Key Season 3 Character

The third season of The Morning Show debuted on Apple TV+ Thursday with two brand new episodes, and this new installment has seen the acclaimed drama’s star-studded cast get even more impressive. The Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon-led series added a few names this season, but none are bigger than Jon Hamm, who has made quite the impression in his debut. Hamm plays a tech billionaire named Paul Marks, who is in the middle of attempting to get his own ship into the space race.

Hamm is perhaps the perfect person to bring Paul Marks to life. In fact, the creative team behind The Morning Show didn’t have anyone else in mind. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, executive producers Michael Ellenberg and Kristin Hahn revealed that the dream casting list for Paul Marks only included Hamm’s name. They didn’t consider an alternative.

“The entire season pivots around his moves,” Ellenberg said. “The audience will see what the dynamic is like with him and Alex Levy, but it’s a complicated one; it’s an emotional one. We also wanted someone who would be an equal force with Billy Crudup and Greta Lee [who plays UBA President Stella Bak]. The new man’s in town who can give them all what they want; there’s a big price to it. I don’t know that there was anyone better than Jon Hamm that we could have gotten for that role.”

“Who would play Paul was a list of one,” added Hahn. “Jen [Aniston] and Jon [Hamm] have been friendly for years and have wanted to work together I think for a while. So when Paul Marks became a part of the conversation, it was a list of one. And so it was a little scary because if he had said no, I don’t know what we would have done. It was this or bust. Thankfully, he said yes.”

Part of the appeal for casting Hamm to play Paul Marks was the idea that the character does share some similarities with Don Draper, Hamm’s iconic character from Mad Men.

“I think the opportunity to access the legacy of Don Draper, but in a new fashion, was kind of undeniable to us,” Ellenburg explained. “Paul is quite a powerful guy and a wealthy guy. He does have a heart and he’s quite handsome.”

The first two episodes of The Morning Show Season 2 are now streaming on Apple TV+.