The Legend of Zelda Movie Reportedly Being Written by Jurassic World Writer

The Legend of Zelda movie is reportedly being penned by one of the writers of Jurassic World. Video game adaptations are becoming a hot new trend in Hollywood, similar to comic book movies. Video games are being rapidly turned into movies and TV shows after decades of failed attempts. However, the code seems to have been cracked following major hits like The Last of Us, The Super Mario Bros. Movie, and many others have all proven games can be adapted into other mediums if done with enough care. It seems like just about every major gaming franchise is being adapted into a film or show in the coming years, including one of Nintendo’s biggest.

Nintendo’s highly coveted action/adventure franchise The Legend of Zelda was confirmed to be getting a movie in collaboration with Sony Pictures earlier today. The movie will be helmed by Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes director Wes Ball and as reported by Deadline, written by Jurassic World writer Derek Connolly. Connolly is a frequent collaborator of director Colin Trevorrow and helped write a large majority of his filmography from the Jurassic World films and even his canceled version of Star Wars Episode IX, which later became The Rise of Skywalker. Connolly has adapted another Nintendo franchise before with Detective Pikachu, so there is some precedent. As of right now, this is only being reported and was not confirmed in the press release from Nintendo. It’s possible Connolly wrote a draft of the script at some point, but that’s pure speculation.

Either way, it seems like The Legend of Zelda movie is being brought to life by some pretty big names. Whether or not it will be any good is anyone’s guess. It will likely be a few years before it comes to the screen, but hopefully we’ll hear more details about casting in the next year or so. Either way, fans are pretty divided on the film as a whole given the renown for the IP. Although it wasn’t loved by critics, fans seemed to really enjoy The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Maybe things will pan out for The Legend of Zelda as well.