The Last of Us Season 2 Will Still Surprise Players According to Showrunner

The Last of Us season 2 will still have plenty of surprises for those who have played the game, according to showrunner Craig Mazin. The Last of Us is one of the most beloved video game franchises and tens of millions of people are intimately familiar with it through both playing it and by watching the story unfold on YouTube, if they don’t have access to a PlayStation. A lot of people have also gone out of their way to look up what happens in The Last of Us Part II following the conclusion of the first season of HBO’s adaptation of the series. It was a huge hit and the reason for that was partially because it faithfully followed the story of the much renowned first game.

With that said, showrunner Craig Mazin told Deadline that fans of the series can expect some changes in season 2. The Last of Us Part II has some major twists and turns that left fans in shock when they played it and it sounds like, even if you’re very familiar with the story of the game, the second season of the show will aim to do that all over again. Mazin noted that they will do some things exactly as depicted in the game, but there is room to surprise everyone watching. However, they are expecting some “furor” with season 2.

“We will be doing some things exactly the way they were in the game,” said Mazin. “We’re going to do other things that are in the game and we’re gonna do some things that are in the game but we’re gonna do them differently in our own method. No matter if you have played the game or not. You will be surprised as the season unfolds. We have some interesting twists and turns.”

It has been suggested that they could change one of the biggest story beats in the second game for season 2, but it’s really up in the air right now. As of right now, we have no idea when The Last of Us season 2 will air. It’s expected to roughly air in 2025, but with the writers and actors strikes happening right now, that may not end up being the case. Mazin has written the first episode of season 2 in its entirety, but the rest of the season can’t be written until the strike ends.

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