The Last of Us Part II Director Teases Naughty Dog’s Next Game

It sounds like Naughty Dog‘s next game is going to be a real treat, if a recent tease from the co-director of The Last of Us Part II is anything to go by. Naughty Dog is known for making some of the most beloved games of all-time with The Last of Us and Uncharted franchises, but they’ve been radio silent on what comes next. We know there’s a multiplayer spin-off of The Last of Us currently in the works, but many want to know what the next core project for the studio is that highlights the developer’s storytelling skills. Rumors and teases suggest The Last of Us Part 3 could be in the cards or it could be a new IP, but it really is a total mystery right now.

With all of that said, The Last of Us Part II co-director Kurt Margenau responded to a tweet from The Game Awards account asking what peoples’ favorite Naughty Dog game is. Margenau simply replied “the next one” with a winking emoji. It’s unclear if this is in reference to the multiplayer game or the next unannounced single-player game, but either way, that’s a big claim. Of course, people are going to hype up and take pride in the things they’ve worked on, but he could’ve easily said any of the other fantastic Naughty Dog games (of which there are many). Only time will tell what this is, but hopefully, it won’t be long until we found out for ourselves.

It has been nearly three years since the last brand new Naughty Dog game and we’re expecting to hear about the multiplayer game sometime later this year, if not even be playing it sometime this year. However, the time table for the next big core project could still be years away. Naughty Dog does tend to take its time as it only released three original games for PS4, one of which was planned as DLC and blew up in scope to become a standalone title.

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