The Last of Us Part 1 PC Mod Adds Pedro Pascal’s Joel

You can now play as Pedro Pascal in the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1. After nearly a decade of waiting, The Last of Us is now finally available on a non-PlayStation platform. The game has been hyped up as one of the best games of all-time for ten years, prompting Sony to try and make the story accessible in other ways. We recently saw the immense success of HBO’s adaptation of the series, which spawned a whole new audience of fans. With the franchise back in the zeitgeist, Naughty Dog was cooking up a perfect storm for the PC release of The Last of Us. Sadly, it appears to be quite bad and plagued with all kinds of issues. It’s a bit of a bummer, but Naughty Dog is committed to fixing it and making it the best possible port it can be.

With that said, if you are able to enjoy it with no issues or just plan to wait until it’s all patched up, the modding community is already hard at work to spice up the game. Those who fell in love with Pedro Pascal in The Last of Us on HBO can now play as him in the game. While it’s not a total one to one lookalike, it’s pretty close and maintains a lot of his key physical traits. Right now, the mod seems to be under lock and key as creator Specializer noted that more info was on their Patreon, which has a paywall. Whether this mod will become available to everyone at a later date remains to be seen. Either way, it’s likely another modder would probably do a similar mod at some point.

The Last of Us Part 1 includes a number of other cool bonuses on PC, outside of modding. Players discovered that they can unlock a bunch of t-shirts for Ellie that are all based on iconic HBO shows like Game of Thrones after beating the game. It’s unclear if these will come to PS5 at any point.

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