The Last of Us Just Dropped Some Major Season 2 Teases

*Spoilers for The Last of Us and partially The Last of Us Part 2 can be found in this article.

The latest episode of HBO’s The Last of Us just dropped a few major glimpses of where the series will be going in Season 2. Just a few weeks back, HBO confirmed that the massive success of The Last of Us has led to the show getting picked up for another slate of episodes. And while showrunner Craig Mazin and executive producer Neil Druckmann haven’t said much about the future of the series just yet, Episode 6 reveals some notable new locales (and potentially characters) that could return down the road.

How Is Season 2 Teased in The Last of Us Episode 6?

Episode 6 of The Last of Us, titled “Kin”, takes us to the city of Jackson, Wyoming. It is here that viewers are once again reunited with Joel’s brother, Tommy, are introduced to his wife Maria, and also catch a look at a handful of other characters. Jackson ends up being a key location within the world of The Last of Us and later becomes the home of both Joel and Ellie. It is here that the pair end up living for a span of multiple years before the events of The Last of Us Part 2 kick-off.

In a general sense, merely getting a look at Jackson in this manner in HBO’s The Last of Us is a pretty big tease as the city wasn’t really shown off in the original game. Outside of seeing the town, The Last of Us seems to also hint at some important characters that should appear in Season 2. Although it wasn’t spelled out explicitly, one young girl around Ellie’s age is briefly shown in Episode 6 and seems to have an interest in her. While we don’t learn this girl’s name, there’s a chance that it could be Dina, who is someone that later becomes Ellie’s partner in The Last of Us Part 2.

When Will Season 2 of The Last of Us Premiere?

As mentioned previously, there’s still next to nothing that we know about The Last of Us Season 2 other than the fact that it will look to directly adapt The Last of Us Part 2. Showrunner Craig Mazin has previously stated that to fully adapt Part 2, it might take additional seasons of the show. Not to mention, since TLOU Part 2 takes place a number of years into the future, it’s not known if there will be a lengthy break between seasons so that actors such as Bella Ramsey can age up a bit. Regardless, Episode 6 definitely gives us our best look so far at what we can expect from this series with Season 2.


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