The Last of Us Episode 6 Foreshadows Ellie’s Future

This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us on HBO and The Last of Us Part II.

If you paid extra close attention during the latest episode of The Last of Us, you may have noticed that it foreshadows Ellie’s future. If you’ve somehow missed it up until now, The Last of Us is based on a popular video game series that began in 2013 on PlayStation 3. It was an immediate hit, garnering praise from critics and all kinds of awards along with immense commercial success. Despite the fact it was so massive, it would take another seven years for Naughty Dog to release the long-awaited sequel which would be simply titled The Last of Us Part II. It was also a big commercial success, but it was also pretty risky and took a lot of big swings, some of which divided fans. Nevertheless, Naughty Dog has stuck to its guns despite some blowback and maintained that it made the right creative decisions for its story.

With that said, it seems like the show, with the benefit of hindsight, can start planting the seeds for the sequel’s story in the first season of the show. In episode 6, Ellie asks Joel what he would do if he could do anything he wanted after the cure was found. He noted that has never really been an option before, but he’d find or make an old farmhouse and create a ranch where he’d raise sheep because they’re “quiet and do what they’re told.”

For anyone who has played The Last of Us Part II, you’ll know this is exactly what Ellie does. After (briefly) giving up her quest for revenge, she settles down on a farm with Dina and their child in the middle of pretty much nowhere with some sheep. It’s pretty peaceful, but Ellie’s PTSD prevents her from sustaining that peace.

It’s pretty morbid, but it could’ve been the best life anyone could have in this kind of world. Isolated, but with people they love and a healthy ranch to keep them busy. Whether or not Ellie will ever find peace remains to be seen, but it seems likely we will get to see this aforementioned farm in a future season of The Last of Us as a second season has been greenlit. The team behind the show has also said they plan to adapt what’s in the games and won’t veer off into overly new territory, so, this little line from Joel will pay off down the road.


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