The Boys Season 4 Shares Bloody New Homelander Photo

Based on Antony Starr‘s Instagram it sure seems like Prime Video‘s The Boys is gearing up to wrap on its fourth season. Just yesterday the Homelander actor made a post about leaving Toronto, adding “Congratulations to the entire team that collaborates to make this batsh-t beast breath!!! Love this show, the team and the fans.” Not to be outdone though Starr has followed it up with a series of photos of him covered in blood. Though he didn’t indicate if this was for The Boys or not (his caption simply reads, “Question : does history repeat? (If so, why?) Look forward to your thoughts”), the official account for the series reposted one image.

“Just another day at Vought Tower” the official The Boys Twitter account posted, including an image of Starr with blood smeared all over him. To confirm it was a look he sports in an upcoming episode they even commented on his original Instagram post, writing: “Most normal pics coming out of S4, lad.” You can see all the bloody photos Starr revealed below.

Fans of The Boys will know this look well as it’s one Starr has sported more than once across the entire series. After the way The Boys season 3 ended it’s probably not a huge shocker to anyone that there will come a time when Homelander is once again covered in blood. The finale of the third season saw him use his powers to kill a protestor, earning him cheers and adoration from his fawning fans. Those that are familiar with the path Homelander takes in the original comic series may also be expecting a bloody showdown with Karl Urban’s Butcher as well.

“It’s kind of difficult to model (Homelander) on anyone, because I know Eric also loves the idea of him, and he’s based a lot of how he’s written the character on Trump,” Starr said in a previous interview with “But the irony of that is if you did make him strictly like Donald Trump then it’s sort of a bit thin. It’s kind of two dimensional. So I always take that with a pinch of salt and then try to add a little more depth to the character, to be honest, because he needs to be his own entity. He can’t just be a sort of attempt of a copy of someone else. It’s got to be a real guy with real issues.”

The Boys season four is expected to arrive in 2023. A spinoff series titled Gen V is scheduled to arrive first, with the first three seasons of the series already streaming.