Ted Lasso Reveals Major Setback for Richmond in Episode 5

The gang at Richmond A.F.C. have been on a roller coaster of a season over the last few episodes of Ted Lasso. The team at the center of the series started off in a terrible spot — projected by everyone to finish last in the Premier League — then went on a win streak after the addition of football legend Zava, only to have it snapped by Nate and West Ham United. Now, in the fifth episode of Ted Lasso Season 3, Richmond is hit with another wrinkle to their campaign, one that could have them spiraling back to the bottom of the table. WARNING: This article contains spoilers from the latest episode of Ted Lasso! Continue reading at your own risk…

Zava’s arrival just a couple of episodes ago turned around Richmond’s entire season. Unfortunately, his stint with the club only lasted for a few matches. In this week’s new episode of Ted Lasso, “Signs,” Zava not only quits Richmond, he steps away from football entirely.

The match at the center of the episode is Richmond vs. Manchester City, a matchup the Greyhounds haven’t won in a long time. Zava could give them a chance, but he doesn’t show up for the match at all. No one is able to contact him and Richmond suffers a bad loss. It’s only after missing the game that Zava reveals what happened.

The way the Richmond players find out about Zava’s decision is through a social media post from the football star. He shares a video online explaining that he wants to focus on his family (and his avocado farm) instead of professional football.

“I have to share something with you, my friends,” Zava says in the video. “You are not my followers, you are my believers. And so I have to tell you, Zava has played his last match. I will now dedicate all of my time and my energy to my family, and to my avocado farm. If you put your energy into what you truly love, the universe puts its thing back into you. You’re welcome.”

There’s no telling what’s going to happen over the final seven episodes of Ted Lasso Season 3, but there’s a decent chance fans just saw the last of Zava.

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