Supernatural Alums Jensen and Danneel Ackles Sign First-Look TV Deal With Amazon

Supernatural alums Jensen Ackles and Danneel Ackles along with their production company Chaos Machine have signed a first-look TV deal at Amazon. They previously were under a first-look deal with Warner Bros. Television and in October 2022 it had been reported that the deal there had been extended for another two years. However, according to Variety, WBTV and the Ackles parted ways on good terms, with Chaos Machine projects that had been in development with WBTV remaining in the works with that studio as a producing deal. The new deal with Amazon covers not just producing but acting as well.

“We are thrilled to begin this journey with the incredibly smart and creative team at Amazon,” the Ackles said. “We loved being part of the Amazon family with The Boys and look forward to our continued relationship as we develop exciting and interesting projects together.”

“We’re thrilled to extend our relationship with Jensen beyond his brilliant performance as Soldier Boy on The Boys,” said Vernon Sanders, head of television for Amazon and MGM Studios. “Jensen is a multi-talented performer and producer and we can’t wait to see what he, Danneel, and Chaos Machine come up with next.”

For Jensen Ackles, this is a continuation of his relationship with Amazon as the actor starred as Soldier Boy in Season 3 of The Boys. As for Chaos Machine, the company most recently produced The CW’s Supernatural prequel spinoff The Winchesters. Jensen Ackles appears in that series as the narrator, as well as appeared in the Season 1 finale, which established a sort of Supernatural “multiverse”. That series has yet to be renewed by The CW.

“Everybody’s like, ‘I can’t believe you’re gonna mess with the show’s lore,’ and it’s like, ‘Hang on, just trust us.’ And in fact, it plays right into it,” he said of how The Winchesters handled the multiverse twist. “You’ve got Bobby, you’ve got Jack, you’ve got the fact that Sam is still on Earth, and here’s Dean, literally in heaven trying to do things to protect the life his brother’s living. So, it furthers the lore.”

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