Superman & Lois: Inde Navarrette on Sarah’s Complicated Relationship With Jordan (Exclusive)

On Superman & Lois, while life in Smallville is supposed to be simple, nothing is ever simple for Sarah Cushing. Played by Inde Navarrette, Sarah’s life seems to have a myriad of challenges. Her parents’ relationship imploded after the revelation of her father’s infidelity, and then there’s the big secret about the Kent family that both Sarah and her mother, Lana, have been keeping. On top of that, there’s Sarah’s relationship with Jordan Kent. Not only is she keeping his super powered secret, but she’s dealing with the complexities of him having been a friend, then her boyfriend, and now in the wake of their breakup, trying to be his friend again — something complicated by him definitely not being on the same page. This week, however, things got even more complicated and now Navarrette is talking to about what it all means for Sarah.

Warning: spoilers for this week’s episode of Superman & Lois beyond this point.

This week, Sarah ends up going to a party with some of the other local high school kids, including George Dean, Jr., who she has been lifelong friends with. Jordan and Jonathan Kent also attend the party, but Jordan is very eager to spend time with Sarah and interrupts her time with others, not quite seeming to get the hint that they’re just friends and nothing more. According to Navarrette, there’s resentment building as Sarah tries to forge something for herself and move on.

“I think Alex [Garfin] does such a good job at playing Jordan because it’s definitely a tough position to be in, to be that character in the show. There’s a moment where they’re sitting and he just doesn’t… we get to meet the mayor’s son and we learn that him, Jordan, George Jr. and Sarah have been friends since they were kids and Sarah’s really trying to be there for him, as we saw at the end of the Valentine’s Day dance, and her trying to focus on being a friend,” Inde said. “Then Jordan just comes in and says, ‘Well, we’re going to talk about this,’ I think, again, it’s that resentment of, ‘I’m doing something for myself. Can somebody leave me alone because I’m finally trying to do something and feel comfortable’ which is leading her to just completely brush off Jordan in the best way that she can and go and have a good time and be a kid. Ultimately at Sarah’s’ expense, it happens in a very Sarah way where she ultimately gets reminded that she’s not a kid and she can’t be a kid.”

And that not getting to be a kid? Sarah ends up taking off from the party in her car with George to get away for the police, but unfortunately, she ends up in a serious car accident — after having been drinking — and it’s Jordan who uses his powers to save her. It’s something that is going to make things very complicated.

“It really sucks whenever you’re in an argument with somebody and you’re trying to create a boundary, but then you need something and then they help you out and then it’s almost as though you owe them,” she said. “Now Jordan has a one up on Sarah, and not only did she make a mistake and she freaked out, but he saved her form it. It’s that reminding of “shit’. It’s a difficult place to be in, for sure. It’s also a difficult place to act, because it’s not the best feeling.”

Superman & Lois airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW.