Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Players Divided by Major Deaths

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has made some controversial story decisions that has left fans feeling very divided. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is one of the biggest games of 2024 and it has had to face quite the uphill battle for years. Players have been very skeptical of the game for quite a while due to its live-service elements, the fact it’s an online game, and has a completely new style of combat compared to the studio’s previous games. The one thing that fans have held on to is that it’s a continuation of the acclaimed Batman Arkham series.

Spoiler Warning for Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League‘s story follow below. We have not personally played to this point in the game yet, so there may be missing context for these story moments.

With all of that said, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League released in early access today and a lot of big story moments hit social media. Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, as the name implies, is about a group of DC villains attempting to kill some of DC’s most respected heroes, perhaps even some of the most respected characters in all of modern fiction. Many thought the title would be a red herring and there would be a twist that allows all of our heroes to come away unscathed because killing one, if not all of the Justice League is a really risky story decision that would likely cause DC and Warner Bros. execs to tense up at the thought of. However, it appears Rocksteady really did it.

Batman is rather unceremoniously shot in the head by Harley Quinn, The Flash is killed by the squad and then Captain Boomerang urinates on his body, and there appear to be a few other deaths in the game, though they haven’t had the same intense reaction as those two. Some have compared the way Batman is killed to Joel’s death in The Last of Us Part 2 as this Batman is the same one from the much loved Batman Arkham trilogy, therefore fans have a long and strong connection to him. Others have noted that the game outright tells you that you’ll be killing the Justice League, therefore it’s hard to be upset when that actually happens. Some players have countered this noting that they understand that these characters may be at risk of dying, but the execution of it has been deemed mean-spirited and disrespectful.

Of course, everyone is going to have their own thoughts on this. Killing characters that are larger than life is bound to spark all kinds of controversy and discourse. We have no idea if these deaths will ever be undone, as it is sort of limiting for a universe that James Gunn has noted will continue. Either way, if you don’t want to play a game where you kill the Justice League, you may want to avoid this one.